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Quito 28/2 2005:

*** Monday edition:
*** Recording of Radio Libertad, unknown QTH (Perú)

I have had this "Radio Libertad" with unknown QTH several times on this ID-site (see "Archive" 9/7 and 15/7 2004). I´m checking the frequency almost every morning hoping the DJ someday will have the QTH in the ID.

The two dominating stations are HJMT RCN, San Gil and HJKR R. María, SF de Bogotá so without my MFJ-1025 Phaser it´s difficult. "Región de Cajamarca" or "Región de (La) Libertad"? The station starts 1000 UTC and has a program in Quechua 11-1130 UTC. Jingels "La nueva generación" and "La radio del Pueblo". After 1100 UTC it´s impossible because of Radiodifusoras Marañon, Quito.

73s Bjorn Malm

1219.92 Radio Libertad, unknown QTH (Perú). 1030 UTC. 02/2005.
Distorted sound from the DJs mic but the music is OK.

Quito 26/2 2005:

*** Saturday edition:
*** Recording of 4460.95 CPN Radio, unknown QTH (Perú)

I have never noted any "CPN Radio" before on the frequency but this saturday morning the normal CPN Radio programming: news and weather.The listed station Radio Nor Andina, Celendín has been inactive for a long time, 6-12 mponths or so. 3 weeks ago I noted a Peruvian on the frequncy with music and talk but very low modulated signal nd I presumed it was a reactivation of Nor Andina. Nor Andina with relay of CPN or something new?

73s Bjorn Malm

4460.95 CPN Radio, unknown QTH (Perú) 1050 UTC. 02/2005.
QRM from "Chinese" station.

Quito 25/2 2005:

*** Friday edition:
*** Recording of HCAD2 Radio LV del Triunfo, El Triunfo

There has been a discussion on the "Conexión Digital" mailinglist about "La Cariñosa", Medellín on 1550 kHz and I was trying to make a recording of the station but instead I logged for the first time the Ecuadorian station "Radio LV del Triunfo" with very good signal strength. Modern, polular LA music up to close down 0300 UTC. Also english/american music. "El Triunfo" is a small town in the "Guayas" province.

73s Bjorn Malm

QUITO: "Centro Histórico". (I could not find any picture from "El Triunfo" but I hope you will enjoy this photo from my hometown Quito):

1550.00 HCAD2 Radio LV del Triunfo, El Triunfo (Ecuador). 02/2005.
A recording I made yesterday evening.

2005:Quito 24/2 2005

*** Thursday edition:
*** Recording of 4874.78 kHz R. Difusora de Roraima, Boa Vista

It´s a pleasure listening to Brasilian stations, they normally have good sound quality, now whwn the Peruvians are disappearing (Radio Ilucán and others) or having technical problems with low modulation etc (Radio Atlántida and others). R. Difusora de Roraima, Boa Vista is a very regular station.

73s Bjorn Malm

BOA VISTA "Rio Branco":

4874.78 R. Difusora de Roraima, Boa Vista Brasil). 02/2005.
"Big" ID.

"Boa Vista is located on the Amazon jungle an at the edge of the Branco river, the city has large avenues and is arborous.

The local culture is strongly influenced by the presence of several Indian tribes on the region. About 200 thousand inhabitants live there. Boa Vista has the road BR-174, which connects Manaus to Venezuela.

The capital of the Roraima State, beside being a planned and modern city, was Boa Vista founded on the XIX century, when the settling near the seat of Fazenda Boa Vista (Boa Vista Farm) was considered as a village. On the creation of the Federal Territory of Boa Vista, dismembered from the Amazonas State, Boa Vista became the a capital".

Quito 22/2 2005:

*** Tuesday edition:
*** Recording of HCR1 Nueva Emisora Central, Quito

When our local telephone company "AndinaTel" needed my name on a contract to get ADSL/broadband internet conection they came to our house the same day. When we needed help to change ADSL to another telephone number this big company arrived 9 days later, reason why I have not been updating this site for a while. From today this web ID-site will be operating, I hope, with full power. One more thing: excuse me if I do not answer your mails for a while - more than 500 mails are waiting in my in-box.......

I should like to present a recording of our lpocal station "Nueva Emisora Central". A station dedicatefd to sports- and news programs. Listen to this wonderful 47 seconds song-ID.

73s Bjorn Malm


1180.00 HCR1 Nueva Emisora Central, Quito (Ecuador). 02/2005.

Quito 13/2 2005:

*** Sunday edition:
*** Recording of 6139.77 kHz Radio Líder, Bogotá

Radio Líder is the new name for "Radio Melodía", Bogotá. "Cadena Melodía" also has a FM transmitter 96.9 ,Hz "Melodía FM Estéreo".

73s Bjorn Malm


6139.77 Radio Líder, Bogotá (Colombia). 1130 / 0100 UTC. 02/2005.

Quito 12/2 2005:

*** Saturday edition:
*** Recording of 1169.98 kHz HJKW R. Nutibara, Medellín

When I was working with Ondas del Meta, Villavicencio on 1170 kHz another Colombian station dominated the frequency for just 30-40 seconds: R. Nutibara, Medellín - a first time logging for me. QRM from Ondas del Meta a few Hz above.

73s Bjorn Malm


1169.98 HJKW R. Nutibara, Medellín (Colombia). 02/2005.
A "Todelar" station.

Quito 10/2 2005:

*** thursday edition:
*** Recording of 4865.05 kHz R. Verdes Florestas, Cruzeiro do Sul

This ID site has not been updated the last week - we are moving up to new built 2nd and 3rd floor (where my radioshack now is).

R. Verdes Florestas is a religious, catholic station and is dominating the frequency here in Quito.

73s Bjorn Malm

Cruzeiro do Sul:

4865.05 R. Verdes Florestas, Cruzeiro do Sul (Brasil). 02/2005.

Quito 3/2 2005:

*** Thursday edition:
*** Recording of CC157 R. Familia del Maule, Talca (Gert Nilsson, Sweden)

A very warm welcome to one of Swedens most active mediumwave DXer Gert Nilsson.His first contribution to this ID-site is R. Familia del Maule on 1570 kHz from august 1999. He has promised to send me more recordings later. Thank you very much Gert for this recording and I´m looking forward to listen to more of your loggings.

73s Bjorn Malm

You can visit Gert Nilsson´s own web-site here:

Gert Nilsson at his listening post:


1570.00 CC157 R. Familia del Maule, Talca (Chile). 02/2005.
Recording made by Gert Nilsson august 1999.

Quito 2/2 2005:

*** Wednesday edition:
*** Recording of Ondas del Meta, Villavicencio

Ondas del Meta ended their transmissions on shortwave a long time ago but still has their shortwave frequency in the ID. I have been waiting a long time to make a recording with good sound quality with their SW frequency ID.

73s Bjorn Malm

1170.03 HJBX Ondas del Meta, Villavicencio (Colombia). 02/2005.

Quito 30/1 2005:

*** Sunday evening edition:
*** Recording of 5910.39 kHz Marfíl Estereo

This station is now transmitting with full power on their new frequency. Listen to their FM ID and "Los Tigres del Norte" a famous Méxican TexMex group.

73s Bjorn Malm

5910.39 Marfíl Estereo, Puerto Lleras (Colombia). 01/2005.

Quito 30/1 2005:

*** Sunday edition:
*** Recording of 5010.00 kHz Radio Emisoras Litoral (Samuel Cássio Martins).

In this edition of "Voces de América Latína" a very warm welcome to Samuel Cássio Martins from Sao Carlos SP, Brasil and his first recording on this ID-site. Samuel has promised to send in more recordings of LA stations, both spanish- and portugues speaking. The recording of Radio Emisoras Litoral is from 1987. Thank you very much Samuel!

73s Bjorn Malm

See Photo from Dpto "Potosi" here!

5010.00 Radio Emisoras Litoral, Llica, Potosi (Bolivia). 01/2005.
Recording from 1987 (now inactive on SW) made by Samuel Cássio Martins.

Samuel Cássio Martins:
"Hola Bjorn, Con mucho gusto me dirijo a usted para saludarlo por su bella pagina de audios de emisoras latino-americanas. Tengo muchas grabaciones desde los 80 y puede enviarte alguna cosa tambien. Ademas tengo algunas de Brasil, por supuesto. Hoy te envio un audio de 1987 de Radio Emisoras Litoral, 5010 kHz desde la ciudade de Llica, Potosi, Bolivia. La propagacion en los anos 80 fueran muy buenas. Espero le guste. Un gran saludo desde Brasi".

Quito 29/1 2005:

*** Saturday edition:
*** Recording of 3019.65 kHz Radio Nevada

This is a Colombian harmonic from 1510 kHz with ID "Radio Nevada", QTH unknown and not listed in WRTH. Weak signal both mornings and evenings. Same program every morning: music up to 1100 UTC, national anthem IDs and some minutes with ads. QTH = some town near "Sierra Nevada"?

73s Bjorn Malm

3019.65 Radio Nevada, unknown QTH (Colombia). 1045 UTC. 01/2005.
Recording from yesterday friday.

Quito 27/1 2005:

*** Thursday edition:
*** Recording of 3200.15 kHz Colombia Mia

I have never noted anyhing interesting on 3200 kHz from LA but I have had an unID LA station yesterday and today thursday - both morning and evening. This evening I was lucky o get both name and QTH (QTH is better on my original recording). "Carepa" is located in the department of Antioquia in northwestern Colombia with 40.000 inhabitants. "Colombia Mia" is owned by the Colombian militry.

73s Bjorn Malm

3200.15 Colombia Mía "la radio viva", Carepa (Colombia). 2335 UTC. 01/2005.
Weak "DX"-signal but very clear ID. Harmonic from 1600 kHz.

Quito 25/1 2005:

*** Tuesday edition:
*** Recording of "La Macro Estación de Puerto La Cruz". (José Elías Díaz Gomez)

In Sweden I have more than once logged YVQQ R.Puerto La Cruz, Puerto La Cruz on 760 kHz, but here in Quito never - Radio Quito is transmitting 24 hours on this frequency. José Elías Díaz Gomez from Venezuela has sent me a recording of the stations new name and ID. He has also sent to me photo of the station and a fine picture of himself working with his own DX-program "Sintonía DX". Thank you very much José Elías!

73s Bjorn Malm

Picture of the station building(photo taken by Jose Elias):

760.00 La Macro Estación de Puerto La Cruz (Venezuela). 01/2005.
New name for "Radio Puerto La Cruz". Recording made by José Elías Díaz Gomez.

José Elías working with his DX program "Sintonía DX":

José Elías:
"Aqui estamos de nuevo, haciendonos presente con una grabación que contiene la nueva identificación de Radio Puerto La Cruz. La hemos estado escuchando y ahora se identifica de la siguiente manera: 760 La Macro Estación de Puerto La Cruz.

En el archivo sonoro que le adjunto podrá disfrutar de una promoción de un programa que se transmite a diario y la nueva identificación. Asi mismo adjunto una fotografía donde aparece el nuevo logo de la radio y donde puede leerse lo anteriormente comentado. Esta fotografía la tomé hace pocos dias, fijate que todavía aparece San Nicolas. Espero te guste,recibe un fuerte abrazo y mis mejores deseos para este año 2005".

"Puerto La Cruz located on the eastern coast of Venezuela, in the state of Anzoátegui, Puerto La Cruz exhibits a wonderful mixture of beach and mountains. Puerto La Cruz used to be a fishing village, but now is a modern beach resort with numerous modern hotels, apartments and restaurants with more than 600'000 inhabitants. All kind of watersports are offered here. More than 50 km of beach can be found in the town as well as on the outskirts".

Quito 23/1 2005:

*** Sunday edition:
*** Recording of 4939.68 kHz R.Amazonas, Puerto Ayacucho

The only Venezuelan station left on the tropical bands. Good reception here in Quito with the high A-index we have had lately. Listen to this very thypical Venezuelan "sound".

73s Bjorn Malm

See photo from Puerto Ayacucho "Thypical house of the "Piaroas" here!
(From URL http://www.himnos.org/Principal.htm)

4939.68 R.Amazonas, Puerto Ayacucho (Venezuela). 1040 UTC. 01/2005.
The station has a little bit distorted sound.

"Puerto Ayacucho is the state capital. With a population of 74,000, it is home to nearly 93% of the region’s population. Located about 70km south of the convergence of the Orinoco and the Meta, the town has the only overland link with Amazonas and is the commercial hub of the region. The capital, together with the town of Samariapo, was established in 1924 to provide a road bypass for the treacherous Maripure rapids on the Orinoco. This road, which marks the division between the upper and lower Orinoco, was an essential connection in the transport of goods up and down the river. The town, isolated bar a single dirt track running north, remained little more than a link in the chain. However, in 1980, the road was paved and river transport replaced with overland transport, bringing prosperity to the town and transforming it into the commercial center it is today".

Quito 22/1 2005:

*** Saturday edition:
*** Comments from Max van Arnhem "La Exitosa, Panama on 1270 khz"
*** Comments from Takayuki Inoue Nozaki "Radio Huamachuco 860 kHz"

I have received two very nice mails from two well known DXers: Max van Arnhem from The Netherlands and Takayuki Inoue Nozaki from Japan. Both have comments regarding two recordings I have presented on this ID-page. Thank you very much Max and Takayuki!

73s Bjorn Malm

La Exitosa, Panamá 1270 kHz
Listen to my recording here!

See "Arcive 28/11 2004"

Max van Arnhem (The Netherlands):
"Dear Bjorn, While browsing on your site, I found your audio-file and question about La Existosa, Panama on 1270 khz.

In august 1986 I was in Panama City and heard La Exitosa on 740 khz. In the WRTH1986 I find this station indeed listed as La Existosa 740 khz, while 1270 is listed as Radio Feminina, Panama. In the WRTH2004 740 is listed as La Exitosa (not Existosa) de Chorrea.

I heard on your audio file the announcement of 930 and 1270 AM. In the WRTH 2004, 930 is listed as La Nueva Exitosa de Panama. In the WRTH2000, 930 is listed as CMQ La Chorrera, however reported on 740; 1270 is listed as CMQ Panama. 740, 930 and 1270 have the same address in Panama City.

So, there must be some link between these stations on 740, 930 and 1270. Quite a strange story, but my attention was attracted because of La Exi(s)tosa, of which I knew I heard it while in Panama 73s".

Radio Huamachuco, Perú 860kHz
Listen to my recording here!

See "Archive 23/3 2004"

Takayuki Inoue Nozaki (Japan) Editor of RELÁMPAGO DX:
"Dear Mr. Malm! It is the first time to visit your site and it is very interesting for LA-DX lovers. Checking some audio clip, I noted the following unid station and got its identification.

The following identification was copied by hearing the recording of an unid station.

"Atención la hora, atención la hora, Huamachuco transmite para todos ustedes en 860 kHz onda media en amplitud modulada. Atención 7 de la mañana, 7 de la mañana con 25 minutos, 7 y 25 minutos en todo el territorio nacional. Señoras y señores ... la hora informa Radio Huamachuco en 860 kHz onda media en ....."

It is very interesting to know that Radio Huamachuco moved from 910 kHz to 860 kHz by hearing the tape. I remember that the station was on the air on a measured frequency of 909.8 kHz on mediumwave as of October of 2001 when I visited Huamachuco to investigate the two local shortwave broadcasting stations which formerly transmitted on shortwave.

Recently I visited Huancayo, Huancavelica, Pampas, La Oroya and Jauja to visit some local stations. It was the 3rd visit to Huancayo, hi".

Quito 21/1 2005:

*** Friday edition:
*** Recording of 4680.00 Radio Nacional Espejo, Quito (Rafael Rodriguez)

Espejo has been inactive on shortwave for many years but is still on mediumwave 1310 kHz. The recording is made by Rafael Rodriguez, Colombia. I talked to the station one year ago and they said they were thinking of a return to shortwave, but I do not beleive them! Thanks Rafael!

73s Bjorn Malm

See photo from QUITO here!

4680.00 Radio Nacional Espejo, Quito (Ecuador). 01/2005.
Recording made by Rafael Rodriguez, year unknown.

Rafael: "Hola Colega Bjorn! Le envio un archivo de audio de la desaparecida Radio Nacional Espejo que espero sea de su interes".

Quito 19/1 2005:

*** Wednesday edition:
*** Recording of 4774.98 kHz Radio Tarma

I already have a recording of Radio Tarma made in march 2004 - the month I started this ID-page. I was satisfied with it then but there is a great difference in sound quality beetween Sony analog recorder/ my old NRD 535 nd what I´m using now 10 months later: Sharp digital recorder/ Ten-Tec DSP receiver RX 350D.

Listen to wonderful Peruvian music and ID. 73s Bjorn Malm

See photo from TARMA "Plaza de Armas" hrtr!

4774.98 Radio Tarma, Tarma (Peru). 01/2005.

Quito 17/1 2005:

*** Monday edition:
*** Recording of 5975.00 kHz Radio Guiara, Villarica (Levi P. Iversen)

This is the first guest-recording I have received from Levi P. Iversen, Paraguay, I hope it is not the last, thank you very much Levi!

I have tried to find some nice photos from "Villarica" but without any luck. I hope you do not mind looking at Miss Paraguay!

73s Bjorn Malm

See photo of Miss Paraguay here!

5975.00 Radio Guiara, Villarica (Paraguay). 01/2005.
Recording made by Levi P. Iversen year 1997. One of the stations last transmissions on shortwave.

Levi P. Iversen: "Hola Bjorn! Muy lindo la grabación de radio Guiara de Daniel Camporini! Aquí te envió una grabación mas nueva, pero probablemente unas del las ultimas emisiones en onda corta. Es del 97 o 98, no estoy 100% seguro, pero mas probable es que fue en el 97.. en unas de las apariciones que hizo la emisora en la onda corta 5975kHz, para luego desaparecer nuevamente. Creo que ya después no ha aparecido mas. La recepción la hice no muy lejos de Villarrica a solo unos 100km aproximadamente. Felices fiestas de año nuevo! Saludos y 73's Levi ".

Quito 16/1 2005:

*** Sunday edition:
*** Recording of 1330.10 Radio Visión Cristiana Internacional, Quito

This sunday morning I talked to the station by telephone 2 565756:

"Radio Visión Cristiana Internacional" is the new name for "Radio Misión Cristiana Internacional" (MCI Radio), Quito, Ecuador. (listen to recording with their old name here!).

"Radio Visión......" (U.S.A.) some years ago bought "Radio Sideral", Quito(Ecuador) but was unable to use their name for legal reasons and during this period they were using the name "Misión......"(not in // with Radio Visión......). Just some months ago they received their licence and now has the same name as their "parent" station "Radio Visión......".

The station here in Quito will soon start their new programming: transmissions in // with the other "Radio Visión......" stations but also 7 hours/day with local programs.

"Radio Visión Cristiana Internacional", is now also the new name for the sister station "Radio Misión Cristiana Internacional"(MCI Radio), Cuenca (Ecuador)(1330.00 kHz).

73s Bjorn Malm

See photo from QUITO here!

1330.10 Radio Visión Cristiana Internacional, Quito (Ecuador). 01/2005.
Song-ID, a little bit distorted sound.

The station is relaying religious programs, this "Radio Amanecer"-ID is from one of them.

Quito 14/1 2005:

*** Saturday edition:
*** Recording of 1050.00 Radio Campesina, Cajamarca

Last year I reported an unknown Peruvian station from Cajamarca on 1050.00 kHz "Radio Campesina" (see "Archive" 8/5 and 9/5 2004). Some weeks ago I made a new recording with IDs and Peruvian music.

73s Bjorn Malm

See photo from CAJAMARCA here!

1050.00 Radio Campesina, Cajamarca (Peru). 01/2005.

Quito 12/1 2005:

*** Wednesday edition:
*** Recording of Radio Vision Cristiana, Cuenca (Ecuador)

This station is not listed, at least not in WRTH 2004 but is listed on he stations web-page.

This is a little bit "complicated":

1330.10 kHz
Radio Mision Cristiana Internacional, Quito (Ecuador)
Also ID as "M.C.I. Radio". This station is never talking about "R. Vision Cristiana Internacional" and is not transmitting in // with R. Visi0n. Some years ago they bought Radio Sideral, Quito on around 1329.85 kHz. The station was transmitting more than one year without listeners, almost without any audio. Fixed the problem and has now good signal and sound quality on 1330.10 kHz. I talked to the station when they started but I have lost their telephone number and is not registred by "AndinaTel". What I should like to know is: Who is the owner of "M.C.I. Radio" Quito.

1330 kHz:
Radio Vision Cristiana Internacional, Quito (Ecuador)

This station is not listed in WRTH 2004 but is listed on the web-page of Radio Vision. I have never heard this station. The QUito-station I´m hearing is "M.C.I. Radio - R. Mision Cristiana Internacional".

1330 kHz:
Radio Mision Cristiana Internacional, Cuenca (Ecuador)
Is listed in WRTH 2004 but I´m not sure if the station exist. I have never logged this station.

1330 kHz:
Radio Vision Cristiana Internacional, Cuenca (Ecuador)
This station is not listed in WRTH 2004 but is listed on the web-page of Radio Vision. I have had for some time a "Radio Vision Cristiana Internacional" on 1330.00 kHz with sometimes very good signal. The loggings I have seen are reporting Radio Vision Cristiana Internacional, Santiago (Dominican Republic).

But I was confused by TCs from "New York", "El Caribe" and........"Ecuador"! After listening some weeks I finally have the proof, it´s not Dominican Republic or New Jersey (both listed on 1330 kHz as R. Vision Cristiana Internacional) but Cuenca, Ecuador! Listen to my recording.

73s Bjorn Malm

See photo from CUENCA: Exactly on this spot my wife "Susanita" and I spent 2-3 days
in "Hotel Crespo" near the river on our honey-moon 1998!

1330.00 Radio Vision Cristiana Internacional, Cuenca (Ecuador). 01/2004.

Listed stations on the web-page of Radio Vision Cristiana Internacional:

1310 AM WVIP , New York
1330 AM WWRV , New Jersey
530 AM, Turks - Caicos (Caribe) 660 AM, Santiago, Rep. Dominicana
1330 AM, Santo Domingo, Rep. Dominicana
1330 AM, Cuenca, Ecuador
1330 AM, Quito, Ecuador

Quito 10/1 2004:

*** Monday edition:
*** Recording of HCJB R. Internacional via R. Buen Pastor 4815.00 kHz

We have had a little "problem" with an ID I heard from my unID LA on 4864.96 kHz. Yesterday evening 2330 I was listening to R. Buen Pastor, Saraguro (Ecuador) on 4815.00 kHz with very good reception and I made a perfect recording of "ALAS HCJB Radio Internacional"-ID. Many stations are buying this peogram service from HCJB and it´s good to know this ID. As you know I´m now always using my new DSP receiver Tem-Tec RX 350D.

73s Bjorn Malm

See picture of ALAS HCJB here!

4815.00 R. Buen Pastor / HCJB R. Internacional, Saraguro(Ecuador). 01/2005
High quality station, high quality recording and high quality receiver.


"ALAS-HCJB es la primera cadena cristiana de radio por satélite que comenzó a proveer sus servicios a América Latina, España y los Estados Unidos el 10 de Agosto de 1994 y desde entonces, ha enriquecido las programaciones de más de un centenar de emisoras en toda la región".

Quito 9/1 2004:

*** Sunday edition:
*** Recording of Radio Unión, Lima (Daniel Camporini)

The Peruvian station Radio Unión, Lim is still active on shortwave 6115 kHz but it´s interesting to listen to this old recording from 1969 and compare their "sound". The recording is made by Daniel Camporini, Buenos Aires. Thanks Daniel!

73s Bjorn Malm

See photo from Lima here!

6115.00 Radio Unión, Lima(Peru). 01/2005.
Daniel: "Esta grabación de Radio Unión es de 1969, es muy interesante el jingle por lo antiguo y totalmente pasado de moda por su estilo".

Quito 8/1 2004

*** Saturday evening edition:
*** Comments from Henrik Klemetz

Nore about my unID LA on 4864.97 kHz:
As I said earlier I have logged "Centenario La Nueva" hace algunos años en la misma frequency as my unID on 4864.96 kHz - I do not have any local ID yet but it must be Centenario. The info from Klemetz also points toward Centenario. 73s Bjorn Malm

Henrik Klemetz:
ID: "Llegamos más lejos. Somos Alas-HCJB, Radio Internacional,servicio [total?] por satélite."



The latter site mentions the Bolivian on its old frequency of 4855.

Quito 8/1 2004

*** Saturday edition:
*** Recording of 2960.90 HCWP5 R. Atlántida, Alausí(Ecuador)

I have heard this harmonic before but never as strong as the last week: S 9 +24dB sometimes. For the moment the best going harmonic here in Quito.

Alausí is a small Ecuadorian city located at an altitude of 2600 m. It is a treatment station in altitude, located on the railway line connecting the two bigger cities of the country: Guayaquil and Quito.

73s Bjorn Malm

See photo from Alausí here!

2960.90 HCWP5 R. Atlántida, Alausí(Ecuador)
Harmonic from 1480 kHz. A little bit distorted sound.

Quito 7/1 2004:

*** Friday dition:
*** Recording of LV del Upano, Nueva Loja
*** Comments from Ignacio Sotomayor(Spain)

More about my unID LA on 4864.96 kHz:
After reading the mail from Ignacio Sotomayor I now remember that a DXer from USA some months ago sent me a recording of an unID LA on the 60mb(not 4864 khz) and on his recording I heard the ID "HCJB Radio Internacional".

So the station on 4864.96 is buying programs from Luis Palau, HCJB and this friday morning I had an ID from "Radio Trans Mundial"

. Ignacio Sotomayor thinks the ID is: "Más.... Más lejos. Somos.....HCJB Radio Internacional. Inter...recisamente". Also Christer Brunstrom, Sweden says the ID probably is "Radio Internacional". Thanks Ignacio and Christer for your mails!

73s Bjorn Malm

Ignacio Sotomayor:

"Hola Bjorn: He estado escuchando durante muchas veces el archivo de audio y siempre he oído lo mismo: "Más.... Más lejos. Somos.....HJCB Radio Internacional. Inter... precisamente". No tiene mucho sentido pero esto es lo que me ha parecido escuchar. Un saludo".

Bjorn Malm:
4th of december (see "Archive" 4/12 2004) I reported a new Ecuadorian station LV del Upano, Nueva Loja on 5999.29 kHz with test transmissions. Has been off air after around 13th of december. Last night thursday they restarted their test transmissions "transmisiónes de prueba" on the same frequency. This time the DJ gave an adress:

LV del Upano
Unidad Educativa a Distancia Juan Jiménez
Nueva Loja (Lago Agrio)

5999.29 LV del Upano, Nueva Loja(Ecuador). 01/2005.

Quito 6/1 2005:

*** Thursday edition:
*** Recording of 6895.20 Radio San Miguel de El Faique (Henrik Klemetz)
*** Comments from Henrik Klemetz

My unID LA on 4864.97 kHz:

First some lines regarding my unID LA on 4864.97 kHz(see 4/1 2005). Christer Brunstrom(Sweden) says in a mail that he last night 2230 UTC heard a station on 4864.81 kHz with ID: "Centenario - la tuya". This means that my unID LA station on 4864.96 +- 1/100 is not the Bolivian station "Centenario", that´s to say if the station is not drifting. The ID I´m hearing is(with many ???): "Somos....HJK_ Radio Inter.....". I heard the station also this thursday morning without ID and close down 1100 UTC.

I have been waiting for the opportunity to make a new recording of the unID Peruvian station on 6329.11 kHz with my new Ten-Tec DSP reciver. When active the station was on air just weekends but I have not heard them for some weeks now.

Henrik Klemetz has sent me a recording from 1998 of 6895.20 Radio San Miguel de El Faique, this to compare the two names "Faique" and "Sallique". The name of my unID Peruvian(see "Archive" 30/11 2004) on 6329.11 is probably "LV de Sallique"(???) but here below you yourself can compare the two names. Thanks Henrik!

73s Bjorn Malm

See photo of Peruvian woman here!

6895.20 Radio San Miguel de El Faique, Huancabamba, Piura(Perú). 01/2005.
Recording from 1998 made by Henrik Klemetz. The station has been inactive for a long time.

"Sallique" or "Faique"?
6329.11 unID Peruvian "Radio LV de (Sallique?)", unknown QTH(Peru). 11/2004.
Recording I made last year in november wih my old receiver.

6329.10 kHz Here you can listen to my first recording of this unID Peruvian from 26/3. You can clearly her dpto "Cajamarca".

Henrik Klemetz: "Several pieces of evidence are needed for an ID:
1) Phonetically there is a noticeable difference between "Sallique" [sah-YEE-keh] and "Faique" [FY-keh]. On the other hand, it is hard to distinguish between "S" and "F" under noisy circumstances.
2) In addition, one has to determine how many syllables there are in the word,
3) where the word stress is and,
4) how to render what you are hearing in writing.
5) The identification will remain uncertain unless you have the "departamento" (and/or "provincia"),
6) Go to a map to see if the place is big enough as to sustain a radio station.

Quito 5/1 2004:

*** Wednesday edition:
*** Recording of 44485.95 kHz Radio Frecuencia VH, Celendin

There has always been a group of three Peruvians close together here and actiuve all the time all three. Frecuencia VH is still active but 4420 R. Bambamarca, Bambamarca and 4461 R. Nor Andina, Celendín are both inactive

I already have this station on the list, made with analog recorder and my old receiver so why not a new recording with digital recorder and my new DSP receiver Ten-Tec RX 350D. Funny things re happening in the studio of Frecuencia VH - listen!

73s Bjorn Malm.

See photo from Celendín here!

4485.95 Radio Frecuencia VH, Celendin(Peru). 01/2005.

Quito 4/1 2005

*** Tuesday edition:
*** Recording of unID LA 4864.96 kHz

Some years ago I logged "Centenario La Nueva", Santa Cruz (Bolivia) on 4864.95 kHz. 3-4 weeks ago I heard a spanish speaking religious station on 4864.96 kHz but with very weak signal. This tuesday morning the station was there again with better signal and with religious program.

I need help with the ID. It sounds like 4 call-letters at second "44": "HJK_" but I´m not sure. Colombia? You can listen to the ID beetween seond "31" and second "50".

Is it Centenario or is it Colombia?

73s Bjorn Malm

4864.96 unID spanish speaking religious station. 01/2005.
ID 1015 UTC.

Quito 1/1 2005:

*** Saturdy edition:
*** Recording of 990.00 Radio Tarqui, Quito

Our family here in Quito has had during all my years in Ecuador the tradition to listen to Radio Tarqui, Quito 990.00 kHz and the new year countdown, this time 2004 to 2005. 14 family members with champagne waiting for 00:00:00!

73s Bjorn Malm

See photo from Quito "Old indian woman" here!

990.00 GH1 R. Tarquí, Quito(Ecuador). 01/2005.