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Quito 31/12 2004:

*** Friday edition:
*** Recording of 5025.02 Radio Rebelde, Bauta(Cuba)

The LA station on the tropical bands with the best sound quality is Radio Rebelde on 5025.02 kHz. A great station to present as my last audioclip for year 2004.

With this audioclip I want to say thank you very much to all of you that are helping me with this ID page. Thanks for your guest-recordings, photos and comments.

Happy New DX Year 2005! Bjorn Malm

Bauta (small town in the "La Habana" province):

5025.02 Radio Rebelde, Bauta(Cuba)

"La ciudad de Bauta es la cabecera del término municipal por su nombre en la provincia de La Habana, Cuba. Esta ciudad fue fundada en 1750 en terrenos del hato Ariguanabo, junto a la laguna de Hoyo Colorado, a orillas, entonces, del antiguo Camino Real de Vuelta Abajo y más tarde la Carretera Central que pasa por Hoyo Colorado en el kilómetro 28.4 de La Habana a Pinar del Río. El ayuntamiento data de 1879". Quito 30/12 2004:

*** Thursday edition:
*** Recording of R. Educadora 6 do Agosto, Xapuri, Acre

There is some confusion about the name of this station, if it is "Radio Difusora 6 de Agosto" or "Radio Educadora 6 do Agosto". On my recording the name is Radio Educadora without any doubt.

Thanks to John Sgrulletta(Mahopac, NY() for this mail:

John Sgrulletta: "The 2005 Passport lists Radio Difusora 6 de Agosto. The QSL Information Pages and Eldorado DX also both list Difusora. Only the 2005 WRTH lists Radio Educadora 6 de Agosto. Did you definitely hear Educadora?".

This is a "DX" recording not High Fidelity! 73s Bjorn Malm


3254.98 R. Educadora 6 do Agosto, Xapuri, Acre(Brazil). 12/2004.
ID at second 26. You can also clearly her the DJ saying "Buenos Dias"(Good Morning) to the people in QTH Xapuri at second 16.

Quito 27/12 2004:

*** Monday edition:
*** Recording of 810.00 kHz HJCY Caracol Colombia, SF de Bogotá

"Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" from Caracol. This is the Bogotá station but I have never heard them with local ID with call letters. In the background interference from thunderstorms.
73s Bjorn Malm

SF de Bogotá "Candelaria Street":

810.00 HJCY Caracol Colombia, SF de Bogotá(Colombia). 12/2004.

Quito 26/12 2004:

*** Sunday edition:
*** HCLD2 R. Ecos de Naranjito, JRC NRD 535 and Ten-Tec RX 350D

Naranjito, JRC and Ten-Tec, what´s this? I already have some recordings of Ecos de Naranjito but I like their music/greeting program and two days ago I was lucky to make a new recording with exactly the same recorded ID the station has with female DJ. But this time I made the recording with my new DSP receiver Ten-Tec RX 350D. The first recording was made with my old JRC NRD 535.

This is a good opportunity to compare these two receivers. 2 short clips 10-15 sec.

Same recorded ID the station has with female DJ
Both receivers adjusted for best possible reception
More or less the same signal strength
The same interference from Ecos de Cayambe 9Hz above

Listen to the very clear sound from Ten-Tec RX 350D! 73s Bjorn Malm

Naranjito map (downloaded from the Italian DX Club:
where you can find many well known and respected names,
among others Renato Bruni and Walter Comuzzi).

Naranjito and JRC "NRD 535"

Naranjito and Ten-Tec "RX 350D".

Quito 22/12 2004:

*** Wednesday edition:
*** Recording of 3279.54 kHz La Voz del Napo, Tena

This is my first recording of a shortwave station made with my new DSP radio Ten-Tec RX 350D. I had problems at first with the synchron-detector but after I made a so called "hard reset"(back to factory settings) it´s working wonderful.

On this recording made this wednesday morning you can listen to a very nice song-ID from Radio María - as you know LV del Napo is relaying "Rdio María Ecuador"many hours every day.
73s Bjorn Malm

Napo River:

3279.54 La Voz del Napo, Tena(Ecuador). 12/2004. (TenTec RX 350D)

"ena is the capital oft the Province Napo, with a population of just over 13,000, it is a small town and has retained much of its culture and traditional lifestyle. Five hours southeast of Quito, Tena is the gateway for a jungle adventure. The climate is surprisingly comfortable, it's cooler, due to its elevation, and drier than most people expect"

Quito 18/12 2004:

*** Saturday edition:
*** Recording of 5975 / 835 kHz ZP6 R. Guairá from 1960 (Daniel Camporini)

This is a christmas present to me and to all of you from Daniel Camporini, Buenos Aires(Argentina). He made the recording as early as 1960, two years before I started DXing in Kungshamn located on the west coast of Sweden!

Daniel tells us that the station started 1950 on shortwave 5975 and mediumwave 835 kHz transmitting from Villarica, Paraguy with 5 kw/MW and 1 kw/SW. R. Guairá is of course inactive on SW but us still on mediumwave. Thank you Daniel for a very nice christmas present!
73s Bjorn Malm.

Folklore Paraguay:

5975 / 835 ZP6 R. Guairá, Villarica(Paraguay). 12/2004.
Recording from 1960 made by Daniel Camporini.

Daniel Camporini:
"ZP6 Radio Guairá salio al aire por primera vez el 6 de agosto de 1950 con equipos propios fbricados por su propietario y director, Sr. Enrique Traversi Vazquez. Operaba en la onda media en la frecuencia de 835 Khz. con 5 Kw.,a pesar de anunciar 840 Khz., como en esta vieja grabacion de su cierre de transmisiones que data de 1960. En la onda corta, con 1 Kw., usaba la frecuencia de 5975 Khz. que desde hace años esta inactiva. Un abrazo Bjorn y un saludo para todos los colegas que leen esta pagina".

Quito 16/12 2004:

*** Thursday edition:
*** Recording of R.T.U. Satelital, Quito

HCHR1 Radio Quitumbe , Quito now with new name: "R.T.U. Satelital". Same type of program as before, good Ecuadorian music and news. On this recording you can listen o Paulina Tamayo from Quito and very nice IDs.

This is the first recording made with my new DSP radio "TenTec RX 350D". It´s very thrilling testing a new radio after 11 years with my NRD 535. "RX 350D" is a very good receiver and it´s a real pleasure working with it. Later on I will tell you more after I have learned using all new buttons.
73s Bjorn Malm


1020.00 HCHR1 R.T.U. Satelital, Quito(Ecuador). 12/2004.(TenTec RX 350D)
R. Quitumbe with new name.

Quito 11/12 2004:

*** Saturday edition:
*** Recording of HCRZ1 R. Mensaje, Cayambe

Timechecks or "TCs" are all the same but there is one station that makes me happy everytime I´m hearing this nice TC. Very thypical Ecuadorian music followed by timecheck and ID.
73s Bjorn Malm

Beautiful, thypical Ecuadorian indian woman:

1590.00 HCRZ1 R. Mensaje, Cayambe(Ecuador). 12/2004.
Radio Mensaje has 100% thypical Ecuadorian popular music.

Quito 7/12 2004:

*** Tuesday evening edition:
*** Radio Paucartambo, Paucartambo reactivated on 6520.24 kHz

I have not heard this station for several years. Listen to one of the most famous female Peruvian singers Sonya Morales and a fine ID. A recording made today tuesday 1930 local time.
73s Bjorn Malm

See photo from Paucartambo here!

6520.24 Radio Paucartambo, Paucartambo(Peru). 12/2004.
Reactivated tuesday 7/12 2004.

El departamento del "Cusco" está dividido en las siguientes Provincias:
11.- Provincia de Paucartambo, cuya capital es Paucartambo. Sus distritos son:
Caicay, Colquepata, Challabamba, Huancarani, Kosñipata, Paucartambo; con una población total de 41,413 hab.

Quito 4/12 2004:

*** Saturday edition:
*** Recording of new Ecuadorian in Lago Agrio 5999.29 kHz

"La Voz del Upano" is not a new radio station but this transmitter in "Lago Agrio" is brand new and "hot". I have had the last 2 days an open carrier on 5999.29 kHz without any audio. This saturday evening first relay of a FM transmitter "99.3" and then the DJ was talking about this new transmitter in "Lago Agrio", Provincia de Sucumbíos" in the Amazonas jungle. He said regular transmissions will start 15th of december.

The town has two names: "Lago Agrio" and "Nueva Loja"(many people has moved in from the town of "Loja" in southern Ecuador) and is the capital of the province "Sucumbíos" in the north-east part of Ecuador.
73s Bjorn Malm

See photo from Lago Agrio "Secoyas" (indian people from Lago Agrio) here!

5999.29 La Voz de Upano, Lago Agrio, Sucumbíos(Ecuador). 12/2004.
1st day test-transmission, 4/12 2004, from QTH "Lago Agrio". I think the transmitter unit has been moved from "Macas" to "Lago Agrio".

5999.29 La Voz de Upano, Lago Agrio, Sucumbíos(Ecuador). 12/2004.
Relay transmission of "99.3" mHz.

Quito 2/12 2004:

*** Thursday evening edition:
*** Recording of harmonic Radio Popular, Cali 5399.62 kHz

Harmonics is a quite difficult part of DXing, you have everything against you: weak signal, often distorted sound, electrical noise etc. You can find harmonics anywhere on the shortwave bands but here in Quito I hear most of them beetween 1.7 - 4.8 Mhz (2nd and 3rd harmonics from mediumwave stations). But this time I´m going to present the 5th harmonic from a mediumwave station in Cali.

I´m wondering if this Cali-station could be my unID "Radio Familiar Cristiana" I had around 4915 kHz? (see "Archive" 13/4 2004). Also Radio Popular has religious programs in the mornings.
73s Bjorn Malm

See photo from Cali here!

5399.62 HJJF Radio Popular, Cali(Colombia). 12/2004.
First time logging for me. Is there both mornings and evenings, has been regular the last week with fair signal and distorted sound. Harmonic from 1080 kHz.

Quito 1/12 2004:

*** Wednesday edition:
*** Recording of 5547.2 R La V de Andamachay (Henrik Klemetz)

19/11 2004 I reported a new Peruvian on 5544.65 kHz Radio San Andrés, San Andrés, Cutervo, Cajamarca(Peru). It´s always a danger in saying it´s a "new" station. To me it´s a new station if the transmitter has a new location and new owner. The transmitter-unit of Radio San Andrés is probably the same as for Radio San Lorenzo, a station I logged around 2 years ago on the same frequency: 5544.70 kHz. Henrik Klemetz has sent me a recording from 1993 of the Peruvian station R La V de Andamachay on 5547.2 kHz. Perhaps the same transmitter-unit as for Radio San Andrés and Radio San Lorenzo.
Thank you very much Henrik for this recording. 73s Bjorn Malm

Henrik Klemetz:
"I am quoting from:
where it says as follows: ---5547.2 PERU. R La V de Andamachay, Dec 18, closing down 0059 after a prgr of musical requests. New station. -- Same day, s/on 2338 with NA, into "Tropicalizando la noche", various announcments for 5545 and location seems to be a "caserío" in the Cortegana district of Celendín. Possibly owned by Fernando Vasquez Castro (manager-owner of R Frecuencia VH) as there were mentions of him, greetings etc. Also, the speaker once mixed it all up, saying "8 de la noche con 7 minutos en R La Voz de Celendín, eh, perdón, es R La Voz de Andamachay (Klemetz)".

See a photo from Celendín "Plaza de Armas" here!

5547.2 R La V de Andamachay, Celendín(Peru). 12/2004.
Recording made by Henrik Klemetz 1993.

"Cajamarca" se divide en las siguientes provincias:
3.- Provincia de Celendín, cuya capital es Celendín. Sus distritos son:
Celendín, Chumuch, Cortagana, Huasmin, Jorge Chávez, Miguel Iglesias, Oxamarca, Sorochuco, Sucre, Utco; con una población total de 80,747 hab.

Quito 30/11 2004:

*** Tuesday edition:
*** Recording of unID Peruvian on 6329.11 kHz

I heard this Peruvian testing last night monday. I asked if this is a new Peruvian but it has to be the same station I reported in March this year: LV de Faique, Faique, Cajamarca(Perú) on 6329.10 kHz. You can listen to my earlier recording of LV de Faique and also his new recording of unID Peruvian on 6329.11 kHz. It´s difficult to hear if the name begins with "F...." or "S....". What is your opinión? Thanks to Glenn Hauser and Henrik Klemetz for feedback.
73s Bjorn Malm

Glenn Hauser(USA):
"Bjorn, Name reminds me of Faique, and indeed that matches with an item in Mark Mohrmann`s current log -- 6329.10 PERU RLVd El Faique, El Faique [2353-0235*] Mar 04 X LA ex-Estacion C? X means it was reported in Conexion Digital, but not since last March. 73".

Henrik Klemetz(Sweden):
"I sent Björn a similar message a few minutes ago with copy of his log from Mar 26 this year published in HCDX and elsewhere. 73".

Henrik has sent me this link to "El Faique": http://www.gratisweb.com/sanmiguel11/faique/historia_de_el_faique.html

See photo from El Faique here!

Listen to my earlier recording of 6329.10 LV de Faique, Faique, Cajamarca(Perú) here! (see 26/3)

6329.11 unID Peruvian "Radio LV de (Sallique?)", unknown QTH(Peru). 11/2004.
Said they were going to start transmissions on MW and FM within one week. This is probably the "LV de Faique" I reported earlier in march.

Quito 28/11 2004;

*** Sunday edition:
*** Recording of La Existosa, Panamá City

Is this new name for listed R. Tipy Q, Panamá City? The station was giving ID as "La Existosa" beetween every 2-3 tunes. I have never before logged Panamá on 1270 kHz, Radio Universal, Guayaquil is dominating.
73s Bjorn Malm.

See photo from Panamá City here!

1270.00 La Existosa, Panamá City(Panamá). 11/2004.

Quito 25/11 2004:

*** Wednesday edition:
*** Recording of Radio Madre de Dios, Puerto Maldonado 4950.16 kHz

Yesterday 24th of november was Radio Madre de Dios is celebrating their "birtday", anyone knows the year?. On this clip you can listen to ID and music with the famous swedish group "ABBA".
73s Bjorn Malm

See phoyo from Puerto Maldonado here!

4950.16 Radio Madre de Dios, Puerto Maldonado(Peru). 11/2004.
Program called "Música inolvidable".

Quito 21/11 2004

*** Sunday edition:
*** Guest Recording of YVRS Radio Margarita, La Asunción (José Elías Diaz)

Many, many times I have logged Radio Margarita in Sweden so this contribution from José Elías, Venezuela is a nice memory for me - thinking of all these hours listening to mediumwave LA stations at local sunrise in Sweden. I´m trying to hear Margarita here in Quito but so far without luck. José Elías has also sent me two photos. The photo of the station building is taken by José visiting his family there. Thank you very much José!
73s Bjorn Malm

See photo from La Asunción, Isla de Margarita here!

See photo from YVRS Radio Margarita here! (taken by Jose Elias):

1020.00 YVRS Radio Margarita, La Asunción(Venezuela). 11/2004).
Recording made by José Elías Diaz, Venezuela.

José Elías Diaz:
Apreciado amigo, sigo disfrutando tu pagina web como no tienes idea, es un verdadero placer ver tu trabajo y poder compartir con todos Las Voces de America.

Una vez mas me hago presente para hacerte llegar esta grabación que identifica a Radio Mundial Margarita, emisora que transmite desde La Asunción, Capital del Edo Nueva Esparta. Aprovecho igualmente para anexarte una foto que muestra una calle de La Asunción que encontré en internet y una foto del edificio donde funciona Mundial Margarita tomada por mi, cuando estuve en la isla visitando a mis familiares".

Bjorn: Gracias José, pero sin tus grabaciónes "Voces de América Latína" no es nada!

Quito 20/11 2004:

I have sent out information regarding a new Peruvian on 5544.65 kHz:
Radio San Andrés
San Andrés de Cutervo

To make it all a little bit clearer I now have a new recording with a better ID: "Radio San Andrés"(my opinion)
73s Bjorn Malm

5544.65 Radio San Andrés, San Andrés de Cutervo, Cutervo, Cajamarca(Perú).
Music and ID. Short recording made with higher bitrate than normal(44 bps)

Quito 119/11 2004

*** Friday edition:
*** Recording of the new Peruvian Radio San Andrés 5544.65 kHz

Radio San Andrés started their test transmissions on 5544.65 kHz two days ago without giving ant IDs, just music and greetings to people living in Santa Cruz, Cajamarca. But the QTH is not Santa Cruz but "San Andrés, Cutervo, Cajamarca".

Last night the station was IDing very often and sounded more like Ecuadorin than a Peruvian station. At least 75% of the music was from Ecuador: "Las Hermanas Mendoza", Julio Jaramillo" etc etc. Close down the same time every night at 0400 UTC.The transmissions starts 1800 UTC.
73s Bjorn Malm

John Sgrulletta(USA): Thanks for the tip, Bjorn! "I am hearing a station right now (0327 UTC) on this frequency with a male announcer and occasional music. I am using a Japan Radio NRD-515 and K9AY Loop antenna. No sign of them yesterday after I first saw your e-mail but peaks above the noise often.73s- John Sgrulletta Mahopac, NY, USA".

Thanks John! Now it´s really sensational if something new pops up on shortwave from Peru /Bjorn

See photo from Cutervo here!

5544.65 Radio San Andrés, San Andrés, Cutervo, Cajamarca(Peru). 11/2004.
Close down ceremony 0400 UTC.

CAJAMARCA se divide en las siguientes provincias:
5.- Provincia de Cutervo, cuya capital es Cutervo. Sus distritos son:
Callayuc, Cujillo, Cutervo, Choros, La Ramada, Pimpingos, Querecotillo, San Andrés de Cutervo, San Juan de Cutervo, San Luis de Lucma, Santa Cruz, Santo Domingo de la Capilla, Santo Tomás, Sócota, Toribio Casanova; con una población total de 144,077 hab.

Quito 18/11 2004

*** Thursday evening edition:
*** Recording of HCCM1 R. Colón, Quito
*** Recording of HCRF2 R. Punto 1030, Guayaquil
*** Short recording of RCN 1030 kHz

The well known swedish DXer Hasse Mattisson, QTH "Växjö, Sweden", has asked me to check these two frequencys: 780 and 1030 kHz. Thanks Hasse for nice mail. You are welcome to send me recordings of LA stations from your many trips to South- and Central American countries.

See photo from Växjö, the home town of Hasse Mattisson here!

780 kHz:
unID religious station. Good signals towards Peru so Hasse is thinking of LV de la Esperanza, Juliaca. The religious Radio Victoria is also loisted on this frequency. For me it´s almost impossible to check this out because of our local station Radio Colón, Quito. Moved some year ago from 920 kHz. Normally just music evenings.

780.00 HCCM1 R. Colón, Quito(Ecuador). 11/2004.
A recording I made yesterday. with my great favorite singer Marco António Solís and a fine ID. Good sound-quality-station.

See photo from Guayaquil here!

1030 kHz:
Also on this frequency has Hasse an unID religious station. He heard them on my birtday 26th of september! It´s quite difficult to monitor this frequency because of splash from nearby HCHR1 R. Quitumbe , Quito(Ecuador) but I have listen some hours and logged for the first time the Ecuadorian station HCRF2 R. Punto 1030, Guayaquil(Ecuador) and guess what: this is a station with religious programs both mornings and evenings. Both with "normal" spanish speaking DJ and DJ with brasilian accent.

RCN Antena 2 and a Peruvian unID station I´m also hearing on 1030 kHz (both with non religious programs).

1030.00 HCRF2 R. Punto 1030, Guayaquil(Ecuador). 11/2004.
A recording I made this morning 18th of november with news program but seems to be a "super" religious station..

1030.00 RCN Antena 2, unknown QTH(Colombia). 11/2004.
In the background you can hear Radio Punto with religious program. Short recording.Recording also from this thursday morning.

*** Wednesday 2nd edition:
*** Recording of unID Peruvian, Santa Cruz, Cajamarca 55544.65 kHz

Yesterday evening I had this unID Peruvian station on 5544.65 kHz with good signal. I also sent out information to the mailinglists and Glenn Hauser. The frequency was silente this morning but I will of course try again this evening. This is a "bits and pieces" recording with 7 different small audioclips from more than 2 hours of listening. "El (cultivador??) de los Andes" is an ID or just the name of a program? The station must be located in Santa Ceuz, Cajamarca.
73s Bjorn Malm

5544.65 Unknown name, Santa Cruz, Cajamarca(Peru). 11/2004.

*** Wednesday edition:
*** Recording of Radio Yura 4716.72 kHz

It´s difficult to hear Bolivian stations here in Quito with good strength. When propagation is good for southern signals is Radio Yura quite regular but with weak signal. On this clip the signal is good but their recorded ID is of low sound qulity. Fine Bolivian music so take your time and listen!
73s Bjorn Malm

See photo of Bolivian girl here!

4716.72 Radio Yura, Yura(Bolivia). 11/2004.

Quito 11/11 2004

*** Sunday evening edition:
*** New recording of HCCE1 Radio El Sol, Quito

One of my first recordings on this ID page is Radio El Sol, Quitio, see "Archive" 4/3 2004. All audioclips before 18/5 2004 are made with an analog recorder. On this new recording, made with a Sharp digital MiniDisc recorder, you can hear my favorite singer Marco Antonio Solís, a short ID and the most used ad. on Ecuadorian mediumwave stations: "Café Minerva". Every morning at my listening post I´m taking a cup of "Minerva Café" listening to the news from "LV de la Capital" Radio Quito before checking out shortwave and mediumwave bands.
73s Bjorn Malm

570.00 HCCE1 Radio El Sol, Quito(Ecuador). 11/2004.
Normally a "sports" station but late evenings music, IDs and ads.

*** Thursday evening edition:
*** Recording of Radio Ondas del Huallaga, Huánuco 3329.59 kHz

This station is listed as "irr" in WRTH but is active at least 75%. I have not presented Huallaga before mostly because of electrical noise on these low SW frequencys.
73s Bjorn Malm

See photo from HUÁNUCO "Municipalidad Huánuco"here!

3329.59 R.Ondas del Huallaga, Huánuco(Peru). 11/2004.
Peruvian music and "big" ID with 3 frequencys and call letters.

Quito 8/11 2004:

*** Monday Edition:
*** Mail from Lic. Leoncio Delgado Hermida (Ecos De Naranjito)
*** 3 new recordings of Ecos de Naranjito 1470 kHz (Bjorn Malm)
*** Photos(3) from Ecos de Naranjito

As you can read in the very nice mail I have received from Señor Leoncio Delgado Hermida at Ecos de Naranjito the station from august 2004 has been using a new transmitter. I have noted that Ecos de Naranjito now is coming in with beter strength than before. Thank you very much Señor Leoncio for mails and photos!
73s Bjorn Malm

Photo of Lic. Leoncio Delgado Hermida:

1469.99 HCLD2 R. Ecos de Naranjito, Naranjito(Ecuador). 11/2004.
New recording with DJ Leoncio Delgado Hermida (Photo here above)

Lic. Leoncio Delgado Hermida:
"A warm greeting is very pleasing to direct me to me to you to do llegra to him and to wish many personal exitos him in its activities. By references of my friend of Italy Valter Comuzzi, in his letter in the month of September it presents to me that you habia checked and caught the RADIO signal NARANJITO ECHOES reason why takes the its pagina Web and I am that indeed you have prepared it very acertadamente what she gave an enormous satisfaction me when I saw in its pagina Web and listens to the recording that has made of one of the Programs but been in tune of the Radio Rockolero" Fridays "San;, it was my voice and the musica that we touched".

See photo from "La Cabina" of Ecos de Naranjito here!

1469.99 HCLD2 R. Ecos de Naranjito, Naranjito(Ecuador). 11/2004.
Short new recording of ID with female DJ.

"This is something that me engrandece and I feel proud to last have my radius with tecnologia of end (Been Been accustomed to with Chip) Transmitting mattered of Santiago of Chile and comes working from August of the 2004. It has great reach. I am thankful by its gentility when including to me in its pagina Web that wanted if you me allow to change it fotografia that ahi this and does not correspond to Naranjito nor to the Radio, reason why attached him envio other present ones so that you choose and consider the posiblidad to make the change in the pagina Web. If it interests to him, estaria in possibilities of sending the history to him of the Radio summarized in two paginas so that it illustrates better his pagina Web or it has greater information about Radio Echoes of Naranito".

The Naramjito station building:

1469.99 HCLD2 R. Ecos de Naranjito, Naranjito(Ecuador). 11/2004.
New recording with another DJ, one of many! I have heard at least 4 different DJs. Very often Ecos de Naranjito has programs with thypical Ecuadorian music and greetings.

"Him agradecere continues maintaining referring to Radio the Echoes in its pagina Web much, because it interests to me that but people know about this transmitter that already has 28 years of foundation. Associate envio fotografias of the locution cabin, with one of the employees, an office of management another one fotografia of the building of radio and one of the communications tower. I am thankful by everything and I hope to him answers to me about my proposals. Kindly Lic".

Quito 7/11 2004:

*** Sunday Edition:
*** Recording of unknown Radio Libertad "Ondas del Norte"

I have 2-3 times heard a Peruvian station on 1330.88v kHz with clear ID "Radio Libertad - Ondas del Norte". The station is not listed in WRTH. In the close down ceremony 0300 UTC on my recording there are some names(QTH-?). "Centro poblado de......" and "Atalaya".
73s Bjorn Malm

1330.88v Radio Libertad "Ondas del Norte". 11/2004.
Unknown and not listed in WRTH.

Quito 6/11 2004:

*** Saturday Edition:
*** Recording of R. Mallku, Uyuni (Dave Valko, U.S.A.)

If you are a member of mailinglists and reading Glenn Hausers "DXLD" you know that Dave Valko from U.S.A. is a very active DXer. The recording of R. Mallku he made on one of his "Micro-DXpeditions ". Thanks Dave!

Dave Valko:
"As for my micro-DXpeditions (called "micro" because the preparation is very quick and they don't last as long as regular DXpeditions); I drive to several locations nearby to escape the local noise. I'll take along the NRD-535D and operate it from a rechargeable "Power Tank" battery or marine battery. I also use a portable Sony or Sharp minidisc recorder or Marantz tape recorder.

The antennas are nothing more than insulated wire of about 100-200 meters laid out on top of the ground. I just connect the wire right into the High Z input on the NRD. As you've heard, it works really well. I discovered long ago that the key to hearing difficult DX is to get away from noise sources and lay out resonant Beverage antennas in the direction of the stations you're trying for. In other words, the results you want are a maximum signal strength with a low noise floor".

4796.37 R. Mallku, Uyuni(Bolivia). 11/2004.
Recording made by Dave Valko.

Quito 3/11 2004:

*** Wednesday Edition:
*** Recording of HJRA Eco 13-60 , Pereira

Normally 1360.35 HCMT Oyambaro AM, Tumbaco(Ecuador) 05/2004 is dominating this frequency, "Tumbaco" is located in the same proince as Quito. Eco 13-60 has mostly modern pop music, both LA and english/american. Jingle: "La Super Estación".
73s Bjorn Malm

P 1360.00 HJRA Eco 13-60 , Pereira(Colombia) 11/2004.

Capital of the Department of Risaralda, to the Colombian West. Located to 1.463 mts of height from where the fertil Valley of the Cauca can be descried. Population 480.000 Approx. The city to transformed into an industrial and coffee center.