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Quito 30/8 2004:

*** Monday evening edition:
*** Recording of "La Cariñosa", Cadena Democrácia (Bjorn Malm)
*** Recording of "Radio Democrácia", Cadena Democrácia (Bjorn Malm)

"Cadena Democrácia" here in Quito has been transmitting many years on mediumwave 1280 kHz. The 1st of August this year they moved to 920 kHz. The station has very good audio quality and their "Genial FM" has the best sound among the FM stations in Quito.

The station has 2 different IDs. On their talk programs, news and sports the ID is "Radio(Cadena) Democrácia" or "Cadena Democrácia". On music programs with or without DJ the ID is "La Cariñosa".

Quito has a very advancded system of "electrical" buses called "Trole Bus". At least 2-3 times every week I take the "Trole" and 30 minutes later I´m walking araound in the center of the town "Centro Histórico" with many, many old and beautiful buildings. The two photos are from this "Centro Histórico" and later on I will have more pictures from this part of Quito.
73s Bjorn Malm

Quito "Centro Histórico":

Quito "Centro Histórico":

920.00 HCAB1 "La Cariñosa" - Cadena Democrácia, Quito(Ecuador). 132kb. 08/2004.
Most nights just cumbia music non stop with IDs. This monday evening live pogram.

920.00 HCAB1 "Radio Democracia" - Cadena Democracia, Quito(Ecuador).142kb. 08/2004.
News program "Dia a dia".

Quito 27/8 2004:

*** Friday edition:
*** Recording of Radio La Crónica de Lima 9515 Khz (Daniel Camporini)
*** Comments from Daniel Camporini

Our friend from Buenos Aires, Argentina Daniel Camporini has sent me another recording of a station you can not find on shortwave now adays: Radio La Crónica de Lima 9515 Khz. I have never logged the station so it is a pleasure having Daniel on this ID-page. The recording is from year 1970. Thanks Daniel!

Without your own recordings of LA stations this ID page is nothing! 73s Bjorn Malm

Lima :

Daniel Camporini: "De las ya desaparecidas emisoras peruanas. OAX4J 9515 Khz Radio La Crónica de Lima. Esta era una emisora que llegaba con bastante claridad alla por 1970 (que es el año de esta grabación) en la banda de 31 metros y segun el membrete de su carta su potencia era de 5 Kw, en la onda media operaba en los OAX4I 1320 Khz con 10 Kw.

La importancia de una pagina web no la da su belleza, sino su contenido Bjorn, al menos asi opino yo. Un fuerte abrazo y muchos 73's para todos los amigos!!!! ".

9515.00 OAX4J 9515 Khz Radio La Crónica, Lima(Peru). .
Recording made by Daniel Camporini year 1970.

Quito 23/8 2004:

Tuesday evening edition:
*** Recording of Radio Atlántida 4790.02 kHz

Many LA stations on the tropical bands are transmitting with very low sound quality. Radio Atlántida is one of them. Low modulated and distorted signal but with good strength.
73s Bjorn Malm

Iquitos "River Fleet Taxis":

Radio Atlántida:(Bjorn Malm)

4790.02 Radio Atlántida, Iquitos(Peru) 158kb. 08/2004.
Low sound-quality-station.

El departamento de LORETO está constituido por las siguientes provincias: 4.- Provincia de Maynas, cuya capital es Iquitos. Sus distritos son: Alto Nanay, Fernando Lores, Indiana, Iquitos, Las Amazonas, Mazán, Napo, Putumayo, Torres Causana; con una población total de 384,063 hab.

2330 UTC this saturday evening said Radio Marti on 6030 kHz they had started test transmissions on AM 530 kHz and Canal 13. I checked but Radio Iris, Quito of course is dominating. Listen to my recording I made just a moment ago. /Bjorn

Quito 21/8 2004:

*** Saturday evening edition:
*** Comments from Henrik Klemetz
*** Recording of "old" LV de Antioquia, Medellín 750 kHz (Henrik Klemetz)
*** Recording of "old" LV de Antioquia, Medellín 830 kHz (Bjorn Malm)
*** Recording of "new" Radio Reloj, Medellín 830 kHz (Bjorn Malm)

After reading information from Klemetz on the (excellent) mailinglist "Conexión Digital" about changes on 830 kHz I checked the frequency - I made a recording of new "Radio Reloj", Medellín - before "LV de Antioquia", Medellín.

Henrik Klemetz has sent me a 30 year old recording with "LV de Antioquia"-ID and comments regarding what is happening on 830 kHz. Thamk you very much Henrik - 30 years old recording but with very good sound quality!
73s Bjorn Malm

MEDELLIN "Parque de San Antonio":

Henrik Klemetz:
"La Voz de Antioquia is a slogan not to be heard again, says a newspaper report from Medellín. Here is an almost 30-year-old recording of an intro to a sports program on La Voz de Antioquia. At this time Antonio Pardo García, present-day Network Program Manager, was in charge of sports. There is also a plug for Chocolate Lúker, chocolate sold in bars, that antioqueños take in liquid form for breakfast together with their corn cakes (arepas), beans and bacon. I recorded this portion on 750 kHz from where they later moved to 830. In the meantime, 830 had been housing Radio Visión and Radio Deportes. Radio Visión was once an independent operation and active also on sw 6105 where it was well heard in Europe /Henrik".

LV de Antioquia (Henrik Klemetz)
750.00 LV de Antioquia, Medellin(Colombia)122kb. 1974/75 .
Recording made by Henrik almost 30(!) years ago when the station was on 750 kHz /Bjorn.

LV de Antioquia (Bjorn Malm)
830.00 LV de Antioquia, Medellin(Colombia)150kb.08/2004.
A recording I made 3-4 weeks ago, still with their old name "LV de Antioquia". The singer is my great favorite Marco Antonio Solís /Bjorn.

Radio Reloj (Bjorn Malm)
830.00 Radio Reloj, Medellín(Colombia) 167kb. 08/2004.
This recording with the new name "Radio Reloj" I made 2 days ago. Listen carefully after 40 seconds to the fantastic change when Radio Reloj 830.00 kHz starts to fade away and the clear ID from a Guayaquil station: HCRM2 R. Huancavilca, Guayaquil(Ecuador) on 830.07 kHz - that´s DX! /Bjorn.

MEDELLIN "La ciudad de la eterna primavera":

Quito 20/8 2004:

*** Friday morning edition:
*** Comments by Jose Elias Diaz
*** Recording of La Voz de los Centauros made by José Elias Diaz, Venezuela
*** ecording of Radio Anzoátegui made by José Elias Diaz, Venezuela

José Elias is a well known DXer from Barcelona, Venezuela - among other things the man behind the DX program "Sintonia DX". He is also very active on the mailinglists, among others "Conexión Digital"(Argentina).

José has sent me 4 recordings and I should like to start with one Venezuelan and one Colombian station.

But first a comment from José regarding my recording of an unID Peruvian station on 1432 kHz(see 18/8).

Thanks José Elías, I really apreciate your many nice emails and of course I´m very pleased with your audioclips!
73s Bjorn Malm

José Elías Diaz (regarding my unID Peruvian on 1432):
"Saludos amigo Malm. Espero te encuentres muy bien. Muy interesante tu grabación,la estuve escuchando é igual que tú, logro entender que dicen: Tu estas escuchando Imperio Laser tu ??????????de moda. Recibe un fuerte abrazo".

La Voz de los Centauros: (Jose Elias )
5960.00 Villavicencio(Colombia).124kb. 5/6 2003.

Jose Elias : "He aqui una grabación del 05 de Junio del 2003, se trata de La Voz de los Centauros, en los 5960 perteneciente a la Cadena Caracol".

Radio Anzoátegui: (Jose Elias)
1210.00 Barcelona(Venezuela).103kb.

Jose Elias : "La otra identificación es de Radio Anzoátegui, la emisora que lleva el nombre de nuestro querido estado"


Quito 18/8 2004:

*** Wednesday evening edition:
*** Recording of unID Peruvian on 1432v kHz

Last 3-4 days I have been listening to 3 unID stations around 1430 kHz: 1426.98 unID LA spanish speaking, 1429v kHz unID Peruvian station and the station on this editions recording, not listed in WRTH.

I´m sure that the station is transmitting from "Provincia de Julcán". Ads from Julcán, Calamarca and Carabamba all in "Dpto La Libertad".

I´m not sure but the name of the station could be "Radio Imperio Laser". Listen to the recording and tell me your opinion. ID: "Están escuchando Imperio Laser"(?).
73s Bjorn Malm

unID "Radio Imperio Laser"(?):
1432.ov probably Prov. de Julcán(Perú). 162kb. 1100 UTC 08/2004.

Quito 16/8 2004:

*** Monday evening edition:
*** Recording of Radio Huarmaca

Interesting listening around the frequency 1430 kHz. Last night sunday I heard 2-3 Peruvians on different splits. The station on 1432v kHz is perhaps a new, at least not listed, station - I have a recording but I do not have time to put it in this edition of "Voces de América Latina".

But, you can listen to a recording made this monday evening of a reactivated Peruvian on shortwave: Radio Huarmaca.
73s Bjorn Malm

Radio Huarmaca:
5384.16 Huarmaca, Provincia de Huancabamba(Peru). 148kb. 16/8 2004.

Info from "Ventanas Peru":
El departamento de PIURA se divide en las siguientes provincias:
2.- Provincia de Huancabamba, cuya capital es Chanchaque. Sus distritos son: El Carmen de la Frontera, Huancabamba, Huarmaca, Lalaquiz, San miguel de El Faique, Sóndor, Sondorillo; con una población total de 125,458 hab.

Quito 14/8 2004:

Saturday evening edition:
*** Recording of Radio Caiari(Brazil)

Radio Caiari is transmiting from the Brasilian town of "Porto Velho". I have photos from 2 different "Porto Velho" towns in " "Rondônia".The picture is from the capital of "Rondônia". Perhaps some of my Brasilian friends can thell me from where Radio Caiari is transmitting?
73s Bjorn Malm.


4785.07 Radio Caiari, Porto Velho, Rondônia(Brazil). 112kb. 1040 UTC08/2004.

Quito 12/8 2004:

*** Thursday morning edition:
*** Recording od Radio Integración made by Rogildo Aragão, Bolivia

Hear Bolivia here in Quito is not that easy, I have never logged Radio Integración so it is a pleasure lisening to this recording from Rogildo. Thanks Rogildo for your contribution!
73s Bjorn Malm

Radio Integración: (Rogildo Aragão)

5985.00v R.Integracióon, El Alto, Depto. de La Paz, 11/mayo, 1125UTC,
Rogildo : "Con señal bastante distorcionada, px nxs "Municipio Alteño al dia" y en otra ocasion estaba en 5905v".

Quito 9/8 2004:

*** Monday evening edition
*** Comments from Alfredo Cañote

Two days ago I reported 2 presumed Peruvian stations on the X-band. One of them on 1610.40 kHz(see 7/8): Radio Haquira(?) perhaps Distrito de Haquira, Provincia de Cotabambas, Dpto de Apurímac. This theory is confirmed by Alfredo Cañote, Peruvian DXer from Chaclacayo. Thanks Alfredo for your comments!
73s Bjorn Malm

Radio Haquira new on the X-band:

1610.40 Radio Haquira, Distrito deHaquira, Prov. de Cotabambas(Peru)
My recording from 7/8. I have heard the station also the days after 7/8 but with weaker signal.

Alfredo Cañote "DxSpaceMaster":
"Gracias a la grabación del amigo Bjorn, investigué un poco... ya que el locutor hizo un "reclamo" al alcalde "Sr. MODESTO HUAYNA"(SIC) teniendo ese dato, llegué a: (of some unknown reason I can not copy the adress, it does not work in my web-design program "1st Page 2000"/ Bjorn)

........asi que es":
Ciudad: Haquira
Provincia: Cotabambas
Departamento: Apurímac

Quito 8/8 2004:

*** Sunday morning edition:
*** Recording of Radio Carabamba 1609.15 kHz

Radio Carabamba new on the X-band:

My unID LA on 1609.15 kHz(see 7/8) is Radio Carabamba, Distrito de Carabamba and is not listed in WRTH. The only "Distrito de Carabamba" listed in "Ventanas Peru" is located in Provincia de Julcánn, Dpto de La Libertad.

Listen to a new recording made this sunday morning.
73s Bjorn Malm

1609.15 R. Carabamba, Distrito de Carabamba(probably Peru) kb. 1020 UTC 8/8 2004.

Info fIrom "Ventanas Peru":
El departamento de LA LIBERTAD se encuentra dividido en las siguientes provincias:
10.- Provincia de Julcán, cuya capital es Julcán. Sus distritos son: Julcán, Calamarca, Carabamba, Huaso; con una población total de 36,878 hab.

Quito 7/8 2004:

*** Saturday edition:
*** Recording of unID LA on 1609.15 kHz
*** Recording of unID LA on 1610.40 kHz

Very interesting saturday morning! 2 unidentified LA stations on the X-band, both probably from Peru. Listen to my recordings and tell me your opinion.
73s Bjorn Malm

Unidentified LA (Peru?):

1609.15 "(Radio?) Luz y Vida" 88kb. 1050 UTC 7/8 2004.
I´m not 100% sure the name of the station is "Luz y Vida", could also be the name of a "Centro Naturista" for example. The DJ is talking several times about the Peruvian(?) town "Carabamba". Narrow bandwith.

El departamento de LA LIBERTAD esta constituido por las siguientes provincias:
10.- Provincia de Julcán, cuya capital es Julcán. Sus distritos son: Julcán, Calamarca, Carabamba, Huaso; con una población total de 36,878 hab.

Unidentified LA (Peru?):

1610.40 Radio Haquira(?) 157kb. 1030 UTC 7/8 2004.
The music sounds like Peruvian(?) music to me and the name of the station sounds like "Radio Haquira(?)". ID: "Radio Haquira(?) contigo para siempre".

APURIMAC esta dividido en las siguientes provincias: 5.- Provincia de Cotabambas, cuya capital es Tambobamba. Sus distritos son: Cotabambas, Coyllurqui, Haquira, Mara, Tambobamba; con una población total de 41,332 hab.

Quito 6/8 2004:

*** Friday evening edition:
*** Mail from Pablo Alfredo Albornoz Rojas, Radio Municipal
*** Recording of Radio Municipal

This is the first time since I started this ID page, March 2004, I have received an e-mail from a radio station. So this is a very special edition of "Voces de América Latina". Thank you very much for your nice mail Pablo! Listen to the recording from this friday morning of Radio Municipal and read the very nice mail from Pablo Alfredo Albornoz Rojas at Radio Municipal.
73s Bjorn Malm

Pablo Alfredo Albornoz Rojas - Radio Municipal:
"Amigo bjorn, me alegre grandemente el haber publicado la señal de RADIO MUNICIPAL DE PANAO en tu pagina,decearia tener intercambio de ideas me gustaria mucho me escribas via correo aereo a la siguiente direccion:

Pablo Alfredo Albornoz Rojas
JR Tacna 385
Provincia de Pachitea

Efectivamente el amigo Arnaldo Slaen mando un reporte de sintonia lo cual nos indico los detalles de Radio Municipal, gracias a todos los amigos que mandan su informe en la que me estoy dedicando al diexismo claro que me falta aprender mas lo are con la ayuda de amigos como tu. Colecciono adhesivos y banderas de emisoras del mundo.

La programacion de Radio Muicpal es de la siguiente, hora peruana: 5:00pm hasta las 10:pm programacion con comunicados,saludos, algunas entrevistas, varia la programacion en sircunstancias de interes municipal.

En horas de la mañana inicia su programacion a partir de las 4:00am tambien con saludos, y comunicados a diferentes partes, sierra su programacion a las 6:00am esto es en onda corta 3173 khz banda tropical de 90 metros.

Si tuviaras alguna inquietud decearia me escribas lo cual tendre el gran placer de responderte. amigo mio si tuvieras algunas revista o folletos de diexismo por favor ....estare eternamente agradecido. Sin mas que decirte por el momento me despidos sabiento que encontrare repuesta hasta pronto y 73!s".

Radio Municipal:
3172.69 Panao, Provincia de Pachitea, Dpto de Huanuco. 119kb. 1050 UTC 6/8 2004.
This is a recording made this friday morning and dedicated to Pablo Alfredo Albornoz Rojas.

Info from "Ventanas Peru":
El departamento de HUANUCO se encuentra dividido en las siguientes provincias:
Provincia de Pachitea, cuya capital es Panao. Sus distritos son: Chaglla, Molino, Panao, Umari; con una población total de 45,013 hab.

Quito 4/8 2004:

*** Wednesday evening edition:
*** Recording of Voz de La Resistencia

10th of June I reported a reactivation of FARCs radio station Voz de La Resistencia with audioclip. Was active just a few days. Tuesday night they were on air again and this wednesday evening I made a new recording. Strong but distorted signal.

QTH "west Colombia" and close down 2320 UTC. The DJ said they will be on air also thursday at 2230 UTC. No jammer this time but after reading "Voces de América Latina" the police/military will start the jamming thursday.........
73s Bjorn Malm

Voz de la Resistencia:
6239.82 QTH "west Colombia"(Colombia) 150kb. 2310 UTC

Henrik Klemetz:
"Per their own announcement, Voz de la Resistencia, not “La Voz de la Resitencia”, say they broadcast ”desde las montañas del Occidente colombia”, i.e. from the mountains in Western Colombia. Nine soldiers were killed in an ambush the other day in this region. And now they are planning for more “candela” (fire) to mark the 7th of August which is the date when President Alvaro Uribe took over two years ago. Uribe has the support of some 70% of the Colombian population".

Bjorn Malm: Thanks Henrik for your comments regarding Voz de la Resistencia and also for your correction of QTH for Radio San Antonio(see 3/8): should be Dpto Ucayali, not Dpto Puno as I wrote.

Quito 3/8 2004:

*** Tuesday evening edition:
*** Comments from Rafael Rodriguez, Colombia
*** Recording of Radio San Antonio, Villa-Atalaya, Dpto de Ucayali

Rafael Rodriguez has identified the unID Peruvian station on 5119.51(see 31/7). You can also in this edition listen to Radio San Antonio, very irregular Peruvian but a station that always returns to their 4939.98 kHz.

I have received a positive answer from Stan Brock, WD0BGS, Amateur Radio Sales at Ten-Tec, U.S.A. - they will ship my new Tem-Tec RX 350D within 30-60 days.
73s Bjorn Malm

Rafael Rodriguez, Conexión Digital:
"5119.4 Radio Ondas del Suroriente, Quillabamba, Peru. Jul 30 2345-0105*. Reactivacion?? "...entretenimiento, buena musica. mayor informacion Radio Suroriente tu mejor alternativa...." Reportada hace algunos meses por el colega Bjorn Malm en 5121v Khz. "...Integrando a nivel nacional e internacional Radio Ondas del Suroriente amplitud modulada 1400 khz, onda corta 5060 khz banda de 60 metros, via satelite(sic!) 96.5 frecuencia modulada estereo...". un Saludo".

Bjorn Malm: Gracias Rafael. Parece que sea en el aire una vez por año aproximadamente - entonces manera "normal" entre las emisoras Peruanas.

Radio San Antonio:
4939.98 Villa-Atalaya, Dpto de Ucayali(Peru) 118kb. 0000 UTC 08/2004.
The station is actice now. "Radio San Antonio La Radio".

Info "Ventanas Peru":
El departamento de UCAYALI se encuentra dividido en las siguientes provincias: 1.- Provincia de Atalaya, cuya capital es Atalaya. Sus distritos son: Raimondi, Sepahua, Tahuania, Yurúa; con una población total de 27,526 hab.

Quito 31/7 2004:

*** Saturday edition:
*** Recording of HCJC1 Ecos de Cayambe
*** unID probably Peru on 5119.51 kHz

Unidentified LA probably Peru

Friday evening beetween 0220 - 0300 UTC I listened to a LA spanishspeaking station, probably Peru, on 5119.51 kHz. Radio La Hora, Cusco on 4855 kHz is known as a "spur" station. I have logged these spurs on 5062.35 and 4960.45 kHz but I have never heard a spur from Radio La Hora in the evening, just mornings and never with this strength. Further more it does not sounds like Radio La Hora.

Good sound quality but after 0225 something happened to the transmitter/studio and it was very difficult to hear what the male DJ was saying. Close down with ID and 3 frequencys at 0300 UTC: 94.5, 1400 and a frequency in the 60 meter bnd. Is it "La Hora", is it Ondas del Suroriente or is it.....? Listen to my recording and tell me your opinion!

5119.51 unID LA SS, probably Peru 149kb. 0220 UTC 31/7 2004.

This time a nice recording, made with my "Old Lady" JRC-NRD 535 from 1992, of HCJC1 Ecos de Cayambe. Both Cayambe and Quito you can find in he province of "Pichincha".
73s Bjorn Malm

1470.07 HCJC1 Ecos de Cayambe, Cayambe(Ecuador) 152kb. 1120 UTC 07/2004.
Listen to this very thypical Andean music and take a look at the wonderful picture with "Alpaca"-animals taking their "siesta". You can hear the station from 1470.05 up to 1470.16 kHz.

Quito 29/7 2004:

*** Thursday morning edition
*** Recording of Radio La Inmaculada made by Rafael Rodriguez(Colombia)

It´s a real pleasure saying welcome to Rafael Rodriguez, SF de Bogotá(Colombia) and his first recording on this ID-site. Rafael is moving his analog recordings of LA stations to digital format. Thank you very much for your beautiful contribution Rafael!
73s Bjorn

Radio La Inmaculada:

5556.00 Radio La Inmaculada, Santa Cruz(Peru) 123kb.
Recording made by Rafael Rodriguez. I do not have any information of year, date etc but the station has been inactive on SW for many years. I have compressed the file from MP3 721kb down to WMA 123kb /Bjorn

Quito 27/7 2004:

*** Tuesday morning edition
*** Some observations from Quito

1410.00 (no audioclip) OAU27 Radio La Luz, Trujillo(Peru)
I have logged this station several times the last month on this frecuency. Is normally on 1390 kHz. Very distorted sound.

4751.45 (no audioclip) Radio Huanta 2000, Huanta(Peru)
Now on this frecuency. Has been for a long time on around 4747 kHz.

5699.81 (no audioclip) Radio Frecuencia, San Ignacio(Peru)
Is now active. I logged the station last night monday with good signal and female DJ.

5900.00 (no audioclip) unID LA
Spanish with strong signal but very distorted sound. Radio Naylamp?

73s Bjorn Malm

Quito 26/7 2004:

*** Monday edition:
*** Recording of Radio Cielo, Chiclayo(Peru)

The Peruvian pirate Radio Cielo, Chiclayo has been active the last days but very irregular with no schedule. This is the first time I have heard the station on the frequency the DJ is giving in their ID: 6730 kHz. Better signal and better soundquality than before. This recording is made around 40 minutes after local sunrise here in Quito.

But first a correction from Henrik Klemetz. !5/7 I have a recording of Radio Libertad, unknown QTH(Peru) with ID and a huayno-song. Low sound-quality-recording and Henrik want´s to change some of the words:

"Sopa de chochoca para tu marido
Sopa de gallina para tu querido
Sopa de chochoca para tu marido
Huevito de gallina para tu querido
Papa sancochada para tu marido
Huevito estrellado para tu querido etc.....".

Chiclayo, city, northwestern Peru, capital of Lambayeque Department and Chiclayo Province, in an irrigated oasis of the Lambayeque River valley. On the Pan-American Highway, Chiclayo is connected by road and rail with the Pacific ports of Eten and Pimentel. It also has an airport. The area produces most of the country's rice and is second in sugar production; cotton is also grown. Industries in the city include tanning, brewing, lumber milling, and fruit canning; furniture, shoes, glass, cement, and chocolate also are manufactured here. Chiclayo was founded in 1720 and became a city in 1835. Population 375,058.

6723.98 Radio Cielo, Chiclayo(Peru) 128kb. 1200 UTC 24/7 2004.

Quito 25/7 2004:

*** Sunday edition
*** Mail from Rafael Rodriguez, Colombia
*** Recording of LV del Rio Carrizal made by Daniel Camporoni, Argentina

Rafael Rodriguez, Bogotá: "Hola Bjorn! Muchas gracias por la informacion, queria confirmar el QTH ya que la emisoras ecuatorianas que he reportado siempre me han confirmado y las unicas que no han sido devueltas por el correo por direccion erronea.

Siendo la oportunidad para felicitarte por la labor que desarrollas a traves de tu pagina Web. Ademas siempre da "envidia" de la buena, eso si; las excelentes captaciones que logras aun estando en la ciudad, por aca muchas veces sufro de tremendos ruidos electricos.

Estoy digitalizando muchas de mi escuchas de años anteriores desde alrededor de 1991 hasta la fecha, ya que volviendo a escuchar los cassettes siempre se encuentra con gratas sorpresas de emsioras que ahor solo son un recuerdo, confio en enviarte algunos proximamente. Un saludo".

Bjorn Malm: "Thank you very much Rafael for nice mail. I´m looking forward to use your recordings of LA radio stations on this ID-page, recordings made during 13 years starting from year 1991.

Daniel Camporini: "Pieza de la historia grande latinoamericana. Grabacion de principios de los 80's, no tengo una fecha exacta. HCOE4 LV del Rio Carrizal, Calceta, en la provincia de Manabi, Ecuador, transmisitiendo en los 3260 Khz. banda de 90 metros. Una de las mejores grabaciones de mi colección por la excelente musica folclorica y la muy completa identificacion. Gracias por el saludo sonoro amigo Bjorn!!!! 73's a todos".

Bjorn Malm: Thanks Daniel for this beautiful recording from around 1980-1981 of the Ecuadorian station LV del Rio Carrizal. This station was reactivated some years ago but was active just a few weeks and with the name "Estéreo Carrizál". I logged the station on 3259.94 kHz. I talked to the owner and he told me that they were transmitting the first week from the town of "Portoviejo", capital of "Provincia de Manabi". Later they moved the transmitter to nearby "Calceta".

HCOE4 LV del Rio Carrizal:,

3260.00 HCOE4 LV del Rio Carrizal, Calceta, Manabi(Ecuador) 58kb.
Recording made by Daniel Camporoni around 1980-81.

Quito 23/7 2004:

*** Friday morning edition:
*** Recording of La Voz del Napo, Tena(Ecuador)

Just 1 Ecuadorian station has a schedule, a station almost 100% active: La Voz del Napo, Tena. Strong signal here in Quito and all around the world. The easiest HC station to catch besides HCJB. All the others are transmitting 1 day/week, 1 day/month, 1 day/ year or are inactive 100%.
73s Bjorn

3279.xx Radiodifusora Cultural Católica "LV del Napo"(Ecuador) 124kb 07/2004.
My Ecuadorian wife has worked 2 years in the Amazonas jungle in Napo and know very well LV del Napo.

Quito 21/7 2004:

If anyone of you has experience of Ten-Tec 350D please let me know. I´m planning to buy this new receiver within 2-3 months. My NRD 535 has worked without any problem for 12 years and I´m going to use both receivers.

Two days ago tuesday night I was listening to a quite strong Ecuadorian station on 540.00 kHz. It turned out to be HCFA2 R. Tropicana , Guayaquil with a testtransmission. The station is testing a new transmitter with higher power. At least here in Quito much better signal. Tropicana is asking for reception reports.
73s Bjorn

540.00 HCFA2 R. Tropicana , Guayaquil(Ecuador) 137kb. 0325 UTC 19/7 2004.
Siometimes interference from Radio Autentica(Colombia).

Amigos DXistas! The unID LA I had on 5062.35 kHz, also as unID by Rogildo F. Aragão in Bolivia, is a spur from Radio La Hora 4855.xx kHz. 5062 too weak this tuesday morning to compare the two signals/programs but I listened to Radio La Hora: the DJs, jingel etc are the same.
73s Bjorn

Quito 19/7 2004:

*** Monday evening edition:
*** Recording of unID LA on 5062.3 made by Rogildo F. Aragão, Bolivia
*** Mail from Rafael Rodriguez, Colombia via Conexión Digital

Rogildo F. Aragão, Quillacollo(Bolivia) has in his QTH the same unID LA as I have here in Quito(see 19/7 morning edition). Rogildo has sent me his recording from this monday morning. When I listened this morning they were talking much about schools, education and so on. Anyone knows if teachers in Peru are on strike? If so, where in Peru?

I have also received an email from Rafael Rodriguez, Colombia.
73s Bjorn

Rogildo F. Aragão: "Malm, Retiro mi email anterior. Esta mañana 1050UTC, escuche con señal regular en 5062.3 una Radio con transmision en español, locutora entrevista algun representante publico o comunitario. Hablaran comunidad Huancapamba?, Quillomapao y tambien del departamento de Cuzco, espere una ID, pero a las 1057 el transmisor fue apagado. Seguire escuchando esta noche y mañana, buscado algo que pueda tener la ID. 73, QRV"

Bjorn: Thanks Rogildo for recording and comments. I just have the station in the mornings and with fading. I will try again tomorrow.

5062.30 unId LA 1050 UTC 19/7 2004.
Recording made by Rogildo.

Rafael Rodriguez via Conexión Digital: "Hola Colega Malm! Como se alcanza a escuchar en el audio, Radio Morena el proximo sabado 24 de julio estara celebrando su 9o aniversario y anuncia una espectacular serie de eventos en vivio desde su Radioteatro. Esta es una emisora que regularmente llega hasta mi QTH, y aunque no me ha confirmado, el colega Yimber Gavira desde Cali me informo haber escuchado la lectura de mi carta al aire. De otro lado el sabado en la noche tuve una buena apertura a emisoras del Ecuador, le pido el favor de confirmarme si el QTH de Radio El Sol que figura en el WRTH 2004 es correcta??"

Bjorn: Gracias Rafael. Supongo que me hables sobre HCCE1 R. El Sol, Quito. Si, QTH es Quito y la dirección en WRTH es la dirección yo obtuve cuando hace un año por WRTH hablé con todas las emisoras Quiteñas. Radio El Sol tiene casi siempre una programación de deportes/fútbol. Radio Morena es la emisora más fuerte de las emisoras de Guayaquil aqui en Quito. Además HCXY1 R. Nal. del Ecuador, Quito no está en el aire siempre, algo que permite Morena ocupar la frecuencia.

5062.30 unID LA 77kb. 1050 UTC 19/7 2004.
Recording made this Monday morning by Rogildo F. Aragão, Bolivia.

*** Monday morning edition
*** New and better recording of unID LA on 5062.34 kHz
*** Comments from Daniel Camporoni
*** E-mail from Ted Sloan ( GI4AHP )

Better signal this Monday morning from my unID LA on 5062.34 kHz. Rogildo Aragão, Bolivia, is thinking of South Ecuador or North Peru and Christer Brunstroms, Sweden, guess is Peru. My own guess after listening to the station this morning is Peru.

I have received two mails from Ted Sloan and Daniel Camporoni.
73s Bjorn

Daniel Camporini: "Hola Bojrn, lamento haberme equivocado con el correo electronico de Radio Illimani, el correcto es: illimani@comunica.gov.bo Ademas la emisora me comento que ha incrementado la potencia de sus transmisores de onda media, corta y frecuencia modulada, pero sin indicarme cual es la nueva potencia de los mismos. Su aniversario 71 se cumplio el pasado 15 de julio. El incremento de potencia en los 6025 Khz. se nota pues la señal es clara y estable durante toda la noche y no la interfieren sus canales adyacentes como Radio Marti que aqui es potente. Un abrazo y nuevamente mis disculpas. 73's".

Bjorn: Thanks Daniel. I have sent an email to Radio Illimani using the adress in your mail but so far I have not received any answer.

Ted Sloan: "Bjorn, thank you for the superb audio clips of LA radio stations. It was wonderful to hear them with such clarity. I have long since stopped Tropical Band DX-ing but often yearn to take up the hobby again. My last time was in 1971. I then moved house, a young family came along and I chose the easier route of ham radio !! DX-ing is still in my heart but at 66 years of age I do not think I will be going back. I still have the QSLs and ( I think ) the pennants to remind me of very happy days. Enjoy your wonderful hobby. Ted Sloan (I4AHP) ex-member of SWB ( Goteborg - Red.: Gote Johannsen )".

Bjorn: hanks Ted for very nice mail. What I´m hoping is that this ID-page will inspire you to be a "reactivated" DXer and others to be new, active DXers. I´m enjoying this hobby even more now working with my "ID page".

5062.34 unID LA 144kb. 1100 UTC 19/7 2004.
Mix of spanish and indian language. Quechua/Aymara?

Quito 18/7 2004:

*** Sunday evening edition:
*** Recording from Henrik Klemetz of Radio Cristal, Guayaquil - year 1985
*** Comments from Henrik Klemetz, Sweden
*** Recording of Radio Cristal, Quito from 2004
*** Recording of Radio Cristal, Ventanas from 2004

Amigos DXistas! 17/7 here below I have a recording of Radio Cristal, Guayaquil and an article from Conexión Digital by Rubén Guillermo Margenet regarding Señor Armando Romero Rodas, the man who started Radio Cristal, Guayaquil 47 years ago. He passed away some days ago.

Henrik Klemetz has sent me a recording from 1985 of Radio Cristal l, Guayaquil with the voice of Armando Romero Rodas. He is DJ for the program "La Hora J.J.", music with the most known and most famous Ecuadorian singer of all times: Julio Jaramillo.He is called both "J.J." and "El Señor de América".

Just 2 days ago I made a recording of Radio Cristal, Quito with the program "La hora J.J." with Julio Jaramillo.

HCNY2 R. Cristal , Guayaquil, HCCV1 R. Cristal , Quito and HC2 R. Cristal, Ventanas are three independent stations but are sometimes transmiting in // with news-rograms and other important events. Listen and enjoy Henriks recording of Guayaquil and my recordings of Quito and Ventanas. Thanks Henrik for both your recording and your story!
73s Bjorn

Henrik Klemetz: "I happen to have a short recording of Romero´s "La hora J.J." from Jan. 20, 1985 (0215 local time, 0715 UTC) The recording was made in Baños, Tungurahua, Ecuador, which is on the Eastern slope of the Andes, about 200 km from the Radio Cristal transmitter site.

Receiver: Sony ICF6500W. J.J. (Jota Jota) stands for Julio Jaramillo, one of Ecuador´s foremost singers, and in this segment, after greeting numerous listeners, Romero plays the bolero "Enigma" as performed by J. J"

870.00 HCNY2 R. Cristal , Guayaquil(Ecuador) 117kb. 20/1 1985
Recording made by Henrik Klemetz year 1985! The voice of Armando Romero Rodas

1379.85 HCCV1 R. Cristal , Quito(Ecuador) 105kb. 16/7 2004.
Recording made here in Quito just 2 days ago with "J.J.". Every evening 2 hours with Julio Jaramillo in the program "La Hora J.J.".

1539.22 HC2 R. Cristal, Ventanas(Ecuador) 104kb. 07/2004.
The most difficult to hear of these 3 stations in "La Familia Cristalina".

*** Sunday morning edition
*** Recording of unID LA on 5062.34 kHz

This morning Sunday I had an unID station on 5062.34 kHz with talk/OM in quichua(?) and music. . The signal was very weak with interference from thunderstorms. I´m not sure but perhaps the DJ is talking about the town of "Loja". Radio Progreso, Loja(Ecuador) has been inactive, as far as I know, for many years(heard on 5060-5061 kHz). Listen to my recording and tell me your opinion. Of course I will try again this night and monday morning.
73s Bjorn

5062.34 unID LA 127kb. 1055 UTC 18/7 2004.

Quito 117/7 2004:

*** Saturday edition:
*** Recording of Radio Cristal, Guayaquil(Ecuador)
*** Comments from Conexión Digital - Rubén Guillermo Margenet.
*** Recording of Radio Morena, Guayaquil(Ecuador)

The man who started Radio Cristal, Guayaquil(Ecuador) 47 years ago has passed away: Armando Romero Rodas. Listen o my recording of Radio Cristal and read comments from Rubén Guillermo Margenet, Buenos Aires(Argentina).

You can also listen to another station from Guayaquil; Radio Morena "La Gigante del Pacifico". Morena is celebrating 9 years on air and is the best going station from the Guayaquil area here in Quito.
73s Bjorn

Conexión Digital - Rubén Guillermo Margenet: "Guayaquil rinde homenaje a Armando Romero Rodas Fecha: 14 Jul 2004. Los restos de Carlos Armando Romero Rodas, uno de los más grandes radiodifusores del país, recorrieron esta mañana las calles de su natal Guayaquil. El cortejo fúnebre recorrió las vías céntricas de la urbe, e inclusive se detuvo por unos minutos frente a la sede de Radio Cristal (Luque e/García Moreno y Av. del Ejército); emisora fundada por él hace 47 años".

Read the whole article here!

869.97 HCNY2 R. Cristal , Guayaquil(Ecuador) 130kb. 0940 UTC 07/2004.
Recording made this month but before Armando Romero Rodas died.

640.00 HC__ Radio Morena, Guayaquil(Ecuador) 139kb. 07/2004.
"La Gigante del Pacifico" or "La Perla del Pacifico".

Quito 15/7 2004:

*** Thursday evening edition:
*** Comments from Daniel Camporoni, Argentina
*** Comments from Henrik Klemetz, Sweden

Daniel Camporoni regarding my recording of Radio Illimani(see 15/7):

Daniel: "Les informo que Radio Illimani esta festejando un nuevo aniversario. La emisora se recepciona muy bien en Buenos Aires, casi sin interferencias en los 6025 Khz.. Por la noche esta transmitiendo los partidos de la Copa America desde el Perú, le he enviado dos informes de recepción con estos datos via mail y en respuesta los amigos de Illimani me enviaron muy buenos sonidos con sus identificaciones y jingles que emplean en la actualidad. Relamente los colegas bolivianos son muy gentiles. (illimani@comunicando.gov-bo)".

Bjorn: Thanks Daniel! The adress must be wrong, it does not work. I have changed "-bo" to ".bo". Thanks for the last recording you sent me. I will soon use your wonderful soundclip.

Henrik Klemetz regarding my recording of Radio Libertad(see 15/7):
Henrik Klemetz: "ID: "Hoy, hoy martes, ¿Cómo escuchas Radio Libertad?" It´s also my opinion that the ads are from Chiclayo. On your first recording from 9/7 you can listen to this nice song(huayno):(you can find this song-text in edition 26/7 2004/Bjorn)

Bjorn: Thanks Henrik! I´m trying every morning to get the final ID but it´s very difficult, weak signal etc.

*** Thursday morning edition:
*** Recording of Radio Illimani
*** New recording of Radio Libertad, unknown QTH

Amigos DXistas! I hope you do not mind sometimes listening to "DX" signals: narrow bandwith, weak signal, interference from other stations, thunderstorms and electrical noise. This is the "normal" life for a dedicated DXer - it´s much more thrilling going for the weak signals and not for the super-powers. So this time 2 audioclips with some "problems" but in my next edition of "Voces de América Latina" you can listen to some better recordings, it´s promise!

Radio Illimani says in a letter to the swedish DXer Jan Edh that they apreciate recordings from their transmissions on 6025 kHz. Yesterday morning wednesday I made a recording of Radio Illimani and of course I will inform the station. The signail is fair to good but suffers from heavy intrference from both sides: 6030 Radio Martí and 6020 Radio Victoria.

6025.02 Radio Illimani "LV de Bolivia", La Paz(Bolivia) 140kb. 1100 UTC 14/7 2004.
Heavy splash from nearby channels.

My unID Peruvian on 1219.92 kHz (see 9/7) "Radio Libertad" with unknown QTH is perhaps located in in Chiclayo, Lambayeque. On this new recording you can hear ads from the town of "Chiclayo". Could be new name for listed OCX1X R. Cadena Nor-Oriental, Chiclayo.

1219.92 (no audioclip) RCN, unknown QTH(Colombia).
On exactly thr same split is also this RCN station.

1219.92 Radio Libertad, unknown QTH - perhaps Chiclayo(Peru) 60kb. 1045 UTC 13/7 2004.
Narrow bandwith and weak signal. Low sound quality but clear Chiclayo ads.

Quito 14/7 2004:

*** Wednesday edition:
*** Recording of Radio Municipal de Panao

I have received an email from Señor Pablo Alfredo Albornoz Rojas. He works at Radio Municipal transmitting from Panao, Pachitea, Huanuco(Peru) on 3172 kHz. Our friend and DXer Arnaldo Slaen, Buenos Aires(Argentina) has told me that Señor Rojas is interested in recordings of radio stations.

This wednesday morning Radio Municipal was coming in with good strenght so I made a recording for Señor Rojas en Radio Municipal. No IDs for "Radio Municipal" but at the end of the recording you can hear ads for "Televisión Municipal Canal 4".
73s Bjorn

3172.69 Radio Municipal, Panao, Pachitea, Huanuco(Peru) 174kb 1030 UTC 14/7 2004.

Quito 12/7 2004:

*** Monday edition:
*** Recording of Radio Unión 6114.79 kHz

Talking about ".....la nueva señal.....". ".....estamos en Tarma 106.5 FM, Abancay 105.5 FM, Radio Perú 1420 AM, Radio___ 100.3 FM".

There is no "Radio Perú" listed on 1420 kHz and on this recording you can hear the DJ with ID "Radio Unión 1420 AM(Apurímac/info Klemetz) ". Unión is listed on 880 kHz. Anyone knows what is happening t Radio Unión?

6114.79 Radio Unión, Lima(Peru) 137kb 0235 UTC 11/7 2004.
Siempre with distorted signal. Just 3 weeks ago I was dancing with Emilia, 1 year 3 months, to "El baile del perrito", the Merengue music you can hear on this recording!

Quito 10/7 2004:

*** Saturday edition - late afternoon:
*** Recording of HJ__ Radio Recuerdos, Manizales
*** Recording of YVNZ R.Marabina 1420, Maracaibo

Almost nothing new from LA on the tropical bands. Just some observations from QTH Quito:

3155.31 (no audioclip) unID Perú
Very weak signal so I just know it is a Peruvian.

3360.00 (no audioclip) unID LA Spanish.
Very weak signal, once the male DJ was talking about "Santa Monica".

6535.06 (No audioclip) RD Huancabamba, Huancabamba(Peru)
The ID has been for a long time "La Poderosa" but some days ago I heard their old ID "RD Huancabamba". One name on FM(MW?) and another on their shortwave outlet?

Much more thrilling listening to mediumwave. Last night friday I logged within 5 minutes 2 LA stations on 1420.00 kHz
73s Bjorn

1420.00 HJ__ Radio Recuerdos, Manizales(Colombia) 114kb. 0340 UTC 2004.
Seems to be listed HJHK R. Reloj, Manizales with new name or is it a relay?

1420.00 YVNZ R.Marabina 1420, Maracaibo(Venezuela) 90kb. 0345 UTC 9/7 2004.
5 minutes later ID for this Venezuelan station.

Late Friday afternoon:

Henrik Klemetz, spanish teacher for many years, says that the DJ, on my recording of Radio Libertad, unknown QTH, is talking about the town of "Chota". I think he is right. It´s not easy listening to Peru on 1220 but I will try to put another better recording on this ID-page. Thanks Henrik!
73s Bjorn

Quito 9/7 2004:

*** Friday edition:
*** Recording of Radio Libertad, unknown QTH

For some days I have been listening to a Peruvian station, not listed in WRTH, on 1219.92 kHz with ID "Radio Libertad". Listed "Radio Libertad" in WRTH 2003:

820 OAX4O R. Libertad, Lima
890 OCY2N R. Libertad, Cajamarca
1160 OAX2C R. Libertad, Trujillo
1180 OCY4Z R. Libertad Junín

One year ago I logged a presumed harmonic on 2003v kHz: "Radio Libertad, región de Cajamarca". Anyone knows something about this station?
73s Bjorn

1219.92 Radio Libertad, unknown QTH(Peru) 106kb. 1025 UTC 7/7 2004.

Quito 8/7 2004:

*** Thursday edition:
*** Regarding my recording of unID station on 1640 kHz(see 7/7):

This station was first logged as unID by by Barry Davies, UK, in DX LISTENING DIGEST 4-098 of June 28 (also Medium Wave Circle); he had heard it June 25 at 0255-0303.

My recording and hard work by Henrik Klemetz and Glenn Hauser solved the problem.

Thanks Henrik and Glenn, for me this is something "special" - my first logging here in Quito of República Dominicana on mediumwave.

Henrik Klemetz, after listening to my audioclip, says the adress is:

Radio Juventus Don Bosco
Calle Juan Evangelista Jiménez, 49
Urbanización María Auxiliadora
Santo Domingo de Guzmán
Distrito Nacional
República Dominicana.

73s Bjorn Malm, Quito, Ecuador.

Quito 7/7 2004:

*** Wednesday evening edition:
*** Recording of new station in the Dominican Republic on 1640 kHz
*** Comments from Glenn Hauser and Henrik Klemetz

This is thrilling! I have just finished listening to a new station on 1640 kHz rrom Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana. My first logging from "Republica Dominicana" here in Quito. Up to 0100 UTC nonstop religious music. 0100 UTC ID with name, frequency and adress. The DJ says it is a test transmission and is also asking for reception reports. Listen to my recording and tell me your opinion about name, adress etc.
73s Bjorn

1640.00 New station, Santo Domingo(Rep. Dominicana) 114 kb. 0100 UTC 7/7 2004.
You are welcome with your opinion!

Late Saturday night:

Thanks to Glenn Hauser and Henrik Klemetz for sending me information about my unID Dominican station on 1640 kHz:

Glenn Hauser: "Altho Björn does not mention it here, the unID 1640 Dominican was first reported by Barry Davies, UK, in DX LISTENING DIGEST 4-098 of June 28 (also Medium Wave Circle); he had heard it June 25 at 0255-0303, sounded like ``Radio Bufay``. I could not make any ID out of Björn`s recording; when they give the address I don`t think it starts with the station name, but the street name. I went to the INDOTEL website where Resolutions are published authorizing new radio stations, http://www.indotel.org.do/Site/Marco_Legal/consejo/Resoluciones_2003/ and bingo, there it was under 2003 12 de mayo: Resolución 053-03 Que asigna de manera provisional a la Sociedad Salesiana de la Iglesia Católica la frecuencia 1640 KHZ para la operación de la estación Radio Juventus - Don Bosco, en la ciudad de Santo Somingo. This links to a 5-page PDF will all the details; power is 1 kW day, 500 watts night; they had 3 months from the date of the resolution to build the station, and the license period was only one year from the same date, but we are past that now. http://www.indotel.org.do/Site/Marco_Legal/consejo/Resoluciones_2003/Resolucion_053-03.pdf

Henrik Klemetz: "This one is a new Catholic station called Radio Juventus Don Bosco "una voz para la civilización del amor".

Late, late mail from Henrik Klemetz:

"Nice job, Glenn. I found additional info by googling their slogan, which was quite clear on Malm´s clip: "una voz para la civilización del amor" which lead me to the following newspaper article www.listin.com.do/antes/junio04/ 250604/cuerpos/espectaculos/esp2.htm The street address is not listed anywhere, but it sounds like Calle Juan Evangelista something, número 49, Urbanización María Auxiliadora, in Santo Domingo de Guzmán./Henrik Klemetz".

Quito 7/7 2004:

*** Wednesday edition:
*** Recording and comments from Daniel Camporini(Argentina)

Daniel Camporini from Buenos Aires has sent me a recording from 1978 of R. Tawantinsuyo, Cusco(Peru). Listen to his recording and read his very nice mail.

Thanks Daniel! 73s Bjorn

Daniel Camporini: "Como estas Bjorn, espero que bien. Respondiendo a tus preguntas te comento que yo grabo las emisoras desde 1965 apróximadamente, eso a resultas de mis estudios de periodismo. En aquellos años la unica manera de estar al tanto de la actualidad internacional era a travéz de la onda corta. Lamentablemente en esa epoca yo empleaba un grabador de cinta abierta marca "Geloso" colocando el microfono delante del parlante de una radio Philco 857 valvular (que aún conservo y uso a veces) que cubría todas las bandas de radiodifusión...las tecnicas han cambiado algo hoy!!!!

Recién a comienzos de los 70's pude emplear un grabador de casette "Toshiba" que hizo que la calidad mejorara. Especificamente la grabación de Radio Tawantinsuyo, como te decía en el mail, es de 1978, uno de los mejores años en mi opinion para escuchar radio, cuando operaba en los 6175 Khz. con una claridad asombrosa en ocaciones, y como esta hay muchas otras de Bolivia, Ecuador, Brasil, Uruguay, etc. Para fines de los 60's era muy facil escuchar onda media de Europa tan solo empleando el ferrite que traía incorporado el receptor, ya que en las radios valvulares este era de grandes dimensiones y bastaba con hacer girar la radio. Otro detalle es que en esa epoca las radios de onda media de Buenos Aires no transmitian las 24 horas y despues de la medianoche muchas frecuencias quedaban libres. Espero haber aclarado tus dudas amigo Bjorn y estoy siempre a tu disposicion. 73's".

6175.00 R. Tawantinsuyo, Cusco(Peru)
Recording from year 1978 by Daniel Camporini, Buenos Aires.

Quito 5/7 2004:

*** Monday edition:
*** Recording of Radio LV de la Selva, Iquitos (Peru)
*** Recording of R. Horizonte, Chachapoyas (Peru))

Just a few Peruvian stations on the tropical bands are active 100%. In that category you can find La Voz de la Selva and Radio Horizonte. Always, at least here in Quito, with good signal strength. Both recordings are from this Monday morning.
73s Bjorn

4824.40 Radio LV de la Selva, Iquitos (Peru) 116kb. 1010 UTC 5/7 2004.
"La nueva L.V.S. Digital".

Chachapoyas, capital of the department of San Martin, is one of Peru's oldest cities and one of the few to still maintain its majestic air and Spanish influence. A land of orchids, sugar cane and coffee, cock fights and exquisite food, it is capable of dazzling all who go.

5019.94 R. Horizonte, Chachapoyas (Peru)) 129kb. 1020 UTC 5/7 2004
Difficult to get an ID the DJ says nothing but sometimes ID by YL. Nice Peruvian music, ads and ID: "Estamos en el corazón de nuestros oyentes - somos Horizonte". .

Quito 2/7 2004:

*** Friday edition:
*** Recording of Radio Municipal, Panao, Pachitea, Huanuco(Peru)
*** Comment from Christer Brunstrom, Sweden
*** Recording of R. Educação Rural, Campo Grande(Brazil)

We have a little discussion in the mailinglist "Conexión Digital" about the QTH of Radio Municipal 3172 kHz. This friday morning I made a recording of Municipal and this is what I´m hearing:

"".....sintonia de Radio Municipal 96.3 y banda tropical de 90 metros..........transmite desde Panao en la Provincia de Pachitea somos tu orgullo, somos tu Radio Municipal".

3172.69 Radio Municipal, Panao, Pachitea, Huanuco(Peru) 71kb. 1000 UTC 2/7 2004.
Just 15 seconds but with everything: Name, frequencys and full QTH.

Christer Brunstrom, Sweden has a comment regarding my recording of the Brasilian station on 6190.00 kHz(see 1/7). Thanks Christer!

Christer Brunstrom: "Hi! First they are talking about a reactivation of Radio Nacional de Janeiro. Then ID for "Rádio Nacional da Amazônia" and information about the program "Povos da Amazônia". So it seems that Rádio Nacional da Amazônia has moved up 10 kHz".

Christer Brunstrom, a very good friend during 40 years, is very interested in listening to Brasilian radio stations and talks Portugues like a Brasilian. I should like to dedicate to him a recording of R. Educação Rural, Campo Grande.

4754.33 R. Educação Rural, Campo Grande(Brazil) 133kb. 07/2004.
Listen to the nice song-ID. Has been drifting a little bit the last week sometimes up tp around 4755.5 kHz.

73s Bjorn

Quito 1/7 2004:

*** Thursday edition
*** Recording of Radio Nacional(Rio da Janeiro?) 6190.00 kHz

I do not understand Portugues 100% but I get the impression that this is/or there is a new station in Rio de Janeiro, (or some kind of reactivation?) that started today 1/7(2/7 UTC) and I do not remember hearing Brazil on this frequency before. What has happend to R. Nacional da Amazônia, Brasília on 6180 kHz? Or is this R. Nacional da Amazônia, Brasília on new frequency just talking of new "Radio Nacional, Rio da Janeiro"?

6190.00 R. Nacional, Rio da Janeiro(?)(Brazil) 121kb. 0030 UTC 1/7 2004.

roecológica Campesina de Cajamarca; nos referimos a Cecilio......". A few seconds at the beginning of my recording you can hear peruvian music. ID: "Campesina la radio Agroecológica". Telephone number and adress: 72 72 73(?) and "Avenida Locero(?) 630".